Friday, October 19, 2018

Slovenia September 2018

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Nissan Leaf surges

The PEV market continues growing at a good pace (+53% YoY), allowing the respective share to hover at around 1% (1.1% in September, 0.9% YTD).

Slovenia's love for the BMW i3 is fading, with the Renault Zoe outrunning it for a couple of months already, while the Nissan Leaf profited from a record-breaking performance (27 units last month), to surpass the German hatcbach and reach #2.

Elsewhere, despite a slower selling i3, BMW has four models in the Top 4, which highlights the brand popularity in this market.

As mentioned before, BMW (30%) is a popular choice here, leading the manufacturers race, followed by Renault (15%) and Smart (15%), while Hyundai (9%), is just outside the podium.

The BEV/PHEV breakdown shows us that this continues to be a BEV-friendly market, with BEVs owning 65% of Plug-in sales.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Austria September 2018

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Nissan Leaf #1 in September

Austrian plug-in sales were down 6% in September, but looking at the 2018 numbers, sales are still positive (+15%), with some 6,200 units, placing the PEV Share at 2.3%. 

Due to the previous pre-WLTP sales rush, PHEVs crashed in September (-26% YoY), while BEVs continued their steady growth (+6%), with all-electric cars representing 71% of sales. When governments play the incentives cards right, good things like these (Large BEV share) happen.

Looking at the models ranking, the VW e-Golf is firm in the leadership, with the German hatchback set to win its first Best Seller trophy in this market.

The four times winner (2017; '16; '14; '13) Renault Zoe is in Second Place, with the BMW i3 closing the podium, but the German Hot Hatch has to keep an eye on the #4 Nissan Leaf, that was last month Best Seller, with 135 units (New Personal Best), and is  now just 46 units behind.

In a 100% BEV Top 6, all-electric models are on the rise, with the #5 Hyundai Ioniq Electric having its best month in 8 months, by delivering 66 units, while the Tesla Model X was up two positions to #8.

The Best Selling PHEV is the Porsche Panamera PHEV, in #7, with 197 units, but the #14 BMW 225xe Active Tourer might still have a shot at the PHEV title, considering it is one of the few PHEVs unaffected by the new rules.

In the manufacturers ranking, Volkswagen is ahead, with 22% share, followed by BMW (17%), and Renault (14%).

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Colombia September 2018

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Gaining momentum in Colombia

Record Month

EVs in Colombia are starting to pick up charge, with a record 79 units sold last month, a big jump over the 16 units registered 12 months ago, now that the market has catched the fastlane, the 416 units of this year have already pulverized the previous yearly record, of 278 units, made in 2016, making 2018 the real Year One of the PEV market here.

Regarding the PEV Share, the 2018 result is at 0.2%, while September hit an all time best of 0.4%, so the needle is starting to move in the right direction, and Colombia will likely be the first Latin American market to reach 1% share, confirming itself as the most promising plugin market to the south of the US border.

Looking at the Year Best Sellers, there weren't major changes regarding the June post, with the three times winner (2015, '16 & '17) Renault Twizy in First Place, followed by two BMW's (330e and i3) and the Renault Zoe stablemate just outside the podium.

Looking at the brands ranking, it's all about BMW and Renault, the German maker, winner in 2017, is ahead, with 40% share (down 3%), followed by Renault, with 29% (down 6%), while Kia and Mini are tied in Third, with 8% share. 

Renault Twizy
BMW 330e
Renault Zoe



Tuesday, October 16, 2018

New Zealand September 2018

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Hyundai Kona BEV on the rise

Plugins are a hot item in New Zealand, last month, 167 units were sold in New Zealand, up 86% YoY, and pulling the year result to 1,152 units, placing the 2018 PEV Share at a record 1.5%, while the September share was even better, hitting 1.8%.

Looking at the models ranking, the 2018 leadership is in the hands wheels of the usual Best Seller, the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, that thanks to the arrival of the revised MY 2019 version, scored its best result ever in this market, with 54 deliveries (And second best performance for a single model, only behind the 83 units achieved by the Hyundai Ioniq Electric, in October '17).

Last month result allowed the Japanese SUV to gain a significant advantage over the #2 Hyundai Ioniq Electric, while the last place of the podium has two Teslas and the VW e-Golf running for it, with the Model X being the new Bronze bearer, after surpassing the German nameplate last month.

But lately, the big news was the landing of the Hyundai Kona BEV, that was #4 last month, with 15 deliveries, while YTD it is already #10, but at this pace it should end at least in Seventh.

Elsewhere, the Audi A3 e-Tron had a good month, delivering 10 units, its best result in 10 months, while we salute a new face here, with the LDV Maxus EV80 electric van reaching the Top 20, in #18. 

In the Manufacturers ranking, Hyundai is the surprise leader, with 24% share, placing three models in the Top 10, while the seven times Best Selling Manufacturer Mitsubishi is in Second Place (20%), and Tesla (18%) is Third, while Volkswagen (9%) is a distant Fourth. 

Monday, October 15, 2018

Global Top 5 - Mid Game Bet

1. Tesla Model 3 - 82k

2. Nissan Leaf - 65k

3. BAIC EC-Series - 51k

4. Tesla Model S - 37k

5. BYD Qin PHEV or Toyota Prius PHEV - 35k

Germany September 2018

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BMW Shines

The German PEV passenger car market was down 12% in September, to 4,626 registrations, with PHEVs stumbling 24% YoY, no doubt due to the Summer pre-WLTP sales rush, but BEVs kept on growing (+5%), allowing full electrics to sell at the same level as PHEVs.

Year to date, all-electrics are still 1,000 units below PHEVs, with BEVs holding 0.9% share, while plug-in hybrids remained stable at 1%, making the total PEV share stable at 1.9%.

Looking at the fuels mix, Diesel was down 44%(!), representing 29% of the total market, while Gasoline (-25%) dropped less than the total market (-31%), which wasn't the case of LPG (-48%) or CNG (-51%), that were also heavily hit by the new rules.

Looking at September Best Sellers, BMW had another good month, placing two models in the podium, with the hot selling 225xe Active Tourer staying on top, with 752 deliveries, its third fourth record performance in a row. Who said family-friendly MPVs weren't hip anymore? Now imagine if it had a decent electric range...

The VW e-Golf was second, thanks to 432 deliveries, while the BMW i3 was Third, with 420 registrations.

But the surprise of the month was the revised Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, that with 346 deliveries (best result in 18 months), was #4 last month, becoming the model first Top 5 presence in over a year. Will we see it here more often?

BMW 225xe A. Tourer
VW e-Golf
BMW i3
Mit. Outlander PHEV
Renault Zoe

Over the years, the German PEV market became known for its changes and surprises, and September had a number of interesting developments, the main news were the continuous rise and rise of the BMW 225xe Active Tourer, now in #4, surpassing the Smart Fortwo ED and the Kia Soul EV in just one month. 

The BMW nameplate is now just 236 units below the leader Renault Zoe, so we might see the German MPV reach the leadership already next month, which would be a first for the hot selling nameplate. 

Other changes were the #8 Smart Forfour ED surpassing the VW Golf GTE, while the Nissan Leaf was up one position, to #12, thanks to 275 registrations, its best result in the last 5 months, and with the #10 Audi A3 e-Tron only 109 units ahead, the Japanese hatchback is now running for a Top 10 position.

The Mercedes GLC350e rose to #14, while the BMW 530e was also up one position to #17, thanks to a Personal Best result of 228 registrations, underlining the good moment of the BMW lineup.

There is a new model in the Top 20, with the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV showing up in #16, but below this ranking, there is a rising star preparing to shine in 2019, with the Hyundai Kona BEV having its first full deliveries month in September, with 91 units.

In the brands ranking, BMW (18%) is in the leadership, ahead of Volkswagen (16%) while the #3 Smart (11%) has the competition (Mercedes, Renault and Kia, all with 8%) further behind. 

Source: KBA