Wednesday, November 13, 2019

France October 2019

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All the young dudes

The French PEV passenger car market registered 6,433 registrations in October, up 65% YoY, and this time it's the plugin hybrids (+118%) to pull the market up, with BEVs growing just 53%.

The October result (3.4%) pulled the 2019 PEV share to 2.7%, with BEVs alone having 1.9% share

With plugin hybrids growing faster than pure electrics, BEVs saw their lead (71% vs 29% share), be reduced by 1%, but expect BEVs to rebound in the following two months, thanks mainly to great scores of the Top 2 models.  

Which takes us to last month Best Selling models, with the new Renault Zoe starting to be delivered, the nameplate hit 1,939 units, its best performance this year.

Elsewhere, we have two surprises in the Top 5, in #2 we have the restyled Smart Fortwo EV, that scored 491 units, a new record for the nameplate, while the Porsche Cayenne came out of nowhere to #4, thanks to 300 registrations. 

A demand peak, or will the Porsche SUV become a regular customer of the Top 5? To be continued... 

Renault Zoe
Smart Fortwo EV
Nissan Leaf
Por. Cayenne PHEV
Mit. Outlander PHEV

In a market usually known for its stability, it seems the French market wants to ditch the "Most boring plugin market in the world" title to the USA, as this time there is plenty to talk about, like...

Thanks to their recent restyling, both Smart nameplates hit record performances last month, with the Fortwo EV registering 491 units, while the (slightly) larger Forfour EV scored 98 units. The tiny two-seater profited from the record result to jump two positions, to #8.

But it wasn't just the Daimler brand to reach new heights, Hyundai-Kia also had reasons to smile about, with both Kia Niro versions shining, with the e-Niro scoring 253 units, its best result since March, while the Niro PHEV scored a record 170 units. 

In the Hyundai side, the new Ioniq has landed, with both versions hitting record results (120 units for the PHEV, 174 for the EV), alllowing the plugin hybrid to climb to #14, while the Electric version joined the Top 20, in #18.

Another surprising nameplate to join the ranking was the evergreen VW e-Golf, that hit a record 105 units last month, an amazing feat for an EV that has its sucessor already being advertised all over Europe

If there are a bunch of interesting things going on in the Top 20, it is below that we find a series of newly arrived models that should become Top 20 presences soon, many of them coming from the PSA stable, like the just landed DS 3 Crossback EV, that scored 110 units in its landing month, the DS 7 Crossback PHEV (81 units), or the Peugeot 508 PHEV (40). 

Oh, and a certain Peugeot 208 EV has also landed last month, if only with 50 registrations...But do not get fooled, the small hatchback will be the star of the new (and ever growing) PSA plugin lineup, possibly running with the Zoe for the 2020 Best Seller title.

Ouside the Peugeot-Citroen orbit, we also welcome the new BMW 330e, that registered 110 units last month and should be a Top 20 presence soon.

In the brands ranking, Renault (30%, down 1%), continues in the leading position, while Tesla (12%, down 1%) is firm in the 2nd spot, all while Kia, BMW and Nissan (all with 7%)  are running for the last place in the podium. 

Monday, November 11, 2019

Norway October 2018

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Audi e-Tron wins in slow month

Last month, BEVs registrations were shockingly down (-17% YoY), while PHEVs had their first positive month this year, growing 20% YoY, with all-electrics losing share regarding the same month last year (36% now vs 39% then), but with the last minute help from PHEVs (23% share in October), last month plugin share was 59%, keeping the 2019 PEV share at 56%.

Regarding the October Top Sellers, this time the Audi e-Tron was the winner, with a record 873 deliveries, its first trophy so far, followed by its VW Group realative, the e-Golf, that scored another 740 registrations, seemingly immmune to the shadow of the ID.3.

The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV was 3rd, with its best result since March, while the Nissan Leaf is profiting from the 62 kWh version to stay among the best.

Finally, the Hyundai Ioniq Electric scored its best result ever, with 413 registrations, earning it a rare Top 5 presence.

Looking at the 2019 ranking, the main news was the Audi e-Tron climbing to 4th, with the remaining changes all happening in the second half of the table:

- The Volvo XC60 PHEV climbed to #11, thanks to a year best performance of 257 units;.

- In what can only be described as a positive month for Volvo, its S/V60 PHEV twins were also up, it this case to #13, scoring 355 registrations last month, a new record for the midzise car nameplate. 

- Another plugin hybrid on the rise is the Mini Countryman PHEV, that was up one position, to #19..

Outside the Top 20, a mention to the plugin hybrid renaissance, with several models starting a new life, like the revised VW Passat GTE, with 260 registrations, the new BMW 330e (107 units, new record for the nameplate), the new X5 PHEV (87 units), and even the Porsche Cayenne PHEV is surfing the wave, having scored 55 registrations, its best result since the start of the new WLTP rules, over a year ago.

Looking at the manufacturers ranking, Tesla is uncontested leader (26%, down 2%), being followed by Volkswagen (14%, up 1%), while BMW (10%), is in the last place of the podium. ahead of Hyundai and Nissan (both with 9%).

Models breakdown by Fuel Source

October saw the return of plugin hybrids, with three models in the Top 10, with only two unplugged models present, both coming from the Toyota hybrid stable, with the RAV 4 hybrid in #6 and the Yaris in #9.

The top 5 spots were 100% PEV, with all-electric models continuing to be the majority of models (5 out of 10).

Friday, November 8, 2019

Ukraine October 2019

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Tesla Model 3 rules among new registrations...

...While the Nissan Leaf continues to be the king of used imports

With Ukraine being a little known success story in the EV world, in 2018 the PEV share crossed north of the 1% mark in new car sales, while adding used imports to the tally, the score jumps to 5% of registrations, this country demonstrated a winning formula for the electrification of developing countries: Customs clearance for battery electric vehicles, without paying excise taxes and VAT that allows that the private sector to import used EVs from markets where electric vehicles are common (California, Europe, etc), where old EVs like the Nissan Leaf are cheap, as locals disregard them for having low range and looking sooo-2013.  

This way, these EVs instead of gaining dust in used dealer lots of more developed markets,  they gain a new life in these countries, where their cheap prices and running costs are a boon for customers avid for electric cars, but can't reach to the price of a new EV.

This year, Ukraine continues on the right track, with the EV share of new registrations growing to 1.2% (1.5% with PHEVs included), while on the used imports market, BEVs reach 3.3% (4.1% if we include PHEVs to the tally).

So, who are the heroes of this peculiar market?

Looking at first time registrations, the Tesla Model 3 is the 2019 Best Seller, with  some 160 deliveries, followed by the Nissan Leaf and Jaguar i-Pace(!), both at over 100 units.

Adding used imports (6.259 units), things change significantly, with Ukraine's favorite EV Nissan Leaf representing close to  half of the registrations (2.763 units), followed from a far by the Tesla Model S (499 units) and the Renault Kangoo ZE(!), with 419 units.

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Netherlands October 2019

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Hyundai Kona EV wins in slow month

After a memorable month of September, the PEV markets in the Netherlands slowed down significantly, growing just 37% in September, with 2,776 registrations, translating into a PEV Share of 8.1% in October, keeping the 2019 PEV share at a record 10%.

This underwhelming result was unexpected, as September and the fiscal changes on January 1st foreshadowed a strong Q4, but October hasn't brought another deliveries flood.

Looking at the possible reasons, first Tesla delivered everything it could in September, depleting the stock, which should only be replenished again on the second half of November, while most Legacy OEMs are holding on BEV deliveries to 2020, where the 95g CO2/km fleet target starts.

Proof of this is the fact that while BEVs grew 33% last month, way below its 127% annual rate, PHEVs jumped 68%.

As such, this time the Tesla Model 3 had to settle with the 2nd place, with 298 units, with the October Best Seller trophy going to the Hyundai Kona EV, with 469 units. 

Looking at the remaining players, the Nissan Leaf was 3rd, with 286 units, while in 5th, tied with the BMW i3, we have the Audi e-Tron, that hit a record 191 units, so it seems Audi is one of the few Legacy OEMs that will be available to respond to the expected year end rush.

Hyundai Kona EV
Tesla Model 3
Nissan Leaf
Kia Niro EV
BMW i3
Audi e-Tron

Looking at the 2019 ranking, everything looks stable in the top half, with the #5 Nissan Leaf looking to catch the #4 VW e-Golf, while the #10 Audi e-Tron is looking to climb a couple more positions until year end.

The only changes happened in the lower half of the Top 20, with the BMW 530e jumping three positions, to #15, thanks to a record 55 units, while the Jaguar i-Pace also shined, thanks to 54 units, its best result this year, that allowed it to jump to #16, so it seems Jaguar is also ready to bank on the sales rush in the last two months of the year.

Outside the Top 20, a mention for the new BMW 330e, that registered 89 units, the nameplate best result in almost 3 years, so we should see the German midsizer soon in the ranking.

In the manufacturers ranking, Tesla (40%, down 2%) is the clear leader, followed by Hyundai (14%, up 1%), while the other Korean, Kia (9%, up 1%), is in the last place of the podium, ahead of Volkswagen, BMW (7%), and Nissan (6%).