Wednesday, August 15, 2018

USA July 2018

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Let the flood begin…

The Tesla Model 3 Flood

A record-shattering 29,000 plug-in units were registered last month in the USA, a 90% increase YoY, leading to a best ever PEV Share of 2.2%, with the 2018 count crossing over 151,000 units, and the 2018 PEV share climbing to over 1.5%, a new record. 

These results were mostly thanks to Tesla opening the dam on the Model 3 deliveries, that hit a record 14,250 units, the first time ANY plug-in hits a five digit monthly result in this market. 

Looking elsewhere, there wasn't much to talk about, with only three position changes in the Top 20, with the Chevy Volt surpassing its all-electric sibling Bolt, that was worryingly down 40% YoY. Are GM's BEV model sales being terminated by the Tesla Model 3?

If so, it isn't the only one, as the Nissan Leaf sales are down 10% YoY, despite a fresh new model, while the BMW i3 sales are down 23%, so there seems to be a Model 3 vacuum cleaner effect on sales of other BEV models on the market, making a sort of sales black hole, where fellow BEVs and midsize ICE cars get sucked into... 

Talking of the other changes, the BMW 530e climbed to #10, at the expense of its i3 sibling, while the Mercedes C350e joined the Top 20, in…#20.

Looking at the manufacturers ranking, Tesla (38%, up 3%) keeps gobbling up share (Will it reach 50% this year?), while Chevrolet (12%) hangs on to Second Place, with Toyota (11%) close to the GM brand, while BMW is holding steady in Fourth, with 9% share.

Source: Inside EVs

Tesla Model 3 & Others

Tesla Model 3 
Mercedes C-Class    
BMW 3-Series
Infiniti Q50
Audi A4

Looking at the midsize car category, the July record result catapulted the Tesla Model 3 for the YTD leadership, being the first time a plug-in becomes the yearly Best Seller in its overall category.

It was also the third time in a row that the Tesla sedan was the category Best Selling nameplate, which begs the question - "Will anyone be able to beat the Model 3?". 

Also important to realize, is the fact that, with the exception of the Audi A4, all other Model 3 competitors are witnessing YoY drops, reinforcing the idea that the Tesla nameplate is stealing sales from the class best sellers.

Another question is if the Model 3 can reach the top places in the mainstream midsize car class,  with the exceptional 14,250 deliveries of July, the Tesla midsizer was Fourth last month, behind the Toyota Camry (26,300), Honda Accord (24,900) and Nissan Altima (16,000), and YTD it jumped to #7, and could surpass in the coming months the #5 Kia Optima and #6 Hyundai Sonata.

But to go head to head against the Top 3, the Tesla Model 3 needs the SR version production to be in full swing, so let's wait for next year to see how high the BEV poster-child can go.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Ukraine July 2018

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Leaf's galore in Ukraine
King Leaf
EVS readers know that the Ukrainian EV market is something of a pet project of mine, as their love for electric cars is as strong, as it is unexpected (for people outside the country, at least), which is why i like to report it regularly.

In the first seven months of 2018, 2,490 EVs have been registered. Compared to the same period last year, the demand for exclusively electric cars was up by 64% in Ukraine, according to the association Ukravtoprom, leading to a PEV share of 3% of all passenger vehicles registered this year.

The majority (84%) of electric cars, which became registered from January to July 2018, were second hand units. Still, even if we count only 0 km units, the Ukranian PEV share is still at a relevant 1.1%.

An important note to mention, is that Ukraine is one of the markets chosen by Volkswagen to distribute the US diesel units that were forbidden to circulate because of the Dieselgate scandal, that is why beside EVs, lots of second hand cars are flooding the Ukranian market.

When purchasing electric cars, Ukrainians choose the Nissan Leaf as their favorite model. As a result, this model has formed almost 2/3 of the market of electric vehicles, that is why saying "Leaf" in Ukraine is almost sinonymous like saying "EV" there.  

Here is the current podium:

1. Nissan Leaf (1,621 units, 83 new);

2. BMW i3 (182 units, 51 new);

3. Tesla Model S (123 units, 33 new).

Regional Distribution

Kyiv for the third year in a row holds the uncontested leadership in the number of registered electric cars. 

Odessa, Dnipropetrovsk and Kharkiv region are also leading regions in the adoption of EVs, if the leadership of the first two areas can be determined by the presence of large ports, the number of electrification in the Kharkiv region can be explained solely by the love of local people to modern technology. The neighboring Sumy and Chernihiv regions are unconditional outsiders by the number of owners of electric vehicles. For example, in Chernihiv region this year, only 9 electrocars found their owners, while residents of the Kharkiv region already purchased 213 clean cars.

Hat tip to Oleg and Illia!


Monday, August 13, 2018

Italy July 2018

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Nissan Leaf Jumps to #1 in Hot Selling market

Remember when talking about Italy and plug-ins was almost like talking about water and olive oil? (As in, they didn't mixed) 

Well, not anymore, the Italian PEV market is now on fire, after hitting its third consecutive record month(!), sales have shooted up 231% YoY, to 1,352 units, with the 2018 PEV share climbing to 0.5%, still an admittedly low value, but already twice as much as in 2017. 

Will plug-ins finally pick up here?

While growth is always good, especially in a low share market like this one, the best part is that BEVs are growing faster than PHEVs, allowing them to narrowly outsell PHEVs (51% vs 49%) this year, and recover Italy for the all-electric side. 

Looking at the best selling models, the Nissan Leaf has dethroned the Smart Fortwo ED, being the new Best Seller in 2018, thanks to a record 389 units.

ther headlining change was the Mercedes GLC350e jumping to #5, while another midsize SUV had a positive month, with the Volvo XC60 PHEV delivering 26 units and climbing to #17.

An Italian quirk is the big share of city cars in its automotive market, and plug-ins follow that rule, not only the Smart Fortwo ED is #2 in the ranking, but its (slightly) larger sibling Forfour ED in also on the Top 20 (#14), as is the Citroen C-Zero (#20), making three city EVs on the Top 20.

Looking at the manufacturers ranking, Nissan (15%) has replaced Smart (14%) on top, while BMW (13%) is profiting from its extensive lineup to remain dangeusly close to the top two. 

Friday, August 10, 2018

Ireland July 2018

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King Leaf in record shattering month

The Irish PEV market is known by its love for the Nissan Leaf, with the BEV model having won six times (2011/12/14/15/16/17) the Best Seller trophy, and with 1 in 2 plug-ins in Ireland being a Leaf, one could even say that the Nissan Hatchback is an honorary Irish citizen... 

And with the arrival of the new Generation, the trend has accentuated, last month the Japanese hatchback blew to pieces every previous monthly record, having delivered 305 units, which is almost three times more than the previous single model monthly record (119 units by the same Leaf, in February '16), helping the market reach new heights, with a total of 527 units in one month, doubling the previous record of 219 units, set last April.

This brilliant result catapulted the July share to a record 2%, with the 2018 share now at 1.3% market share, a new all-time high.

But it wasn't only the Leaf that benefitted from the favorable winds, the Kia Niro PHEV scored a record 56 deliveries in July, allowing it to jump into Second Place, while becoming at the same time the Best Selling PHEV and Rookie of the Year.

Below the podium, a few worthy mentions, like the Renault Zoe registering a record 22 units, allowing it to climb to #7, while the VW e-Golf also hit an all-time best of 22 units, tying with the Volvo XC90 PHEV in #8.

Looking at the manufacturers ranking, Nissan is frankly ahead of the competition, with 38% share, while BMW is Second (16%), and Kia and Hyundai, both with 8% share, are running for #3, with Kia ahead by only 4 units.


Thursday, August 9, 2018

Canada July 2018

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Back to Earth

After an historic June, July followed with more normal results, the disruptive force of the Tesla Model 3 continued to make itself felt, with the Tesla midsizer reaching the leadership in the 2018 ranking. Yet, the Californian wasn't the Best Seller in July, but more on that below... 

Looking at the PEV share, after an historic 3.2% PEV share in June, July registered just 1.9%, placing the 2018 share at 2.1%.

As previously said, July's Best Seller wasn't the Tesla Model 3, but the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, with 598 units, a new personal best, that allowed it to surpass the Chevrolet Volt and .reach Second Place, only 95 units behind Tesla's new baby. 

Will we see the Japanese SUV race the Model 3 for the Best Seller status?

The Honda Clarity PHEV is now #12, up two positions, confirming the success of the Honda plug-in. Maybe it's time to start selling it ouside North America?

Regarding the manufacturers podium, we still have Chevrolet (18%, down 2%) in Number One, being increasingly pressured by Tesla (17%), with the all-electric brand set to become the Top Dog soon (September?), while in Third we have Mitsubishi (12% up 1%), slightly ahead of the #4 Nissan (11%).


Tesla Model 3 vs The Others 

Mercedes C-Class 
BMW 3-Series
Audi A4
Tesla Model 3
Audi A5

The Tesla Model 3 had its first regular sales month in July, being the Fourth Best Selling model in its category last month, with some 350 deliveries, close to the #3 Audi A4 (376), but far from the BMW 3-Series (611) and especially the leader Mercedes C-Class (1,045).

This maintained the Tesla Model 3 in Fourth Place on the 2018 ranking, although the Californian could surpass the Audi and BMW models soon. 

As for the Mercedes C-Class, things are trickier, as the Merc usually registers some 1,000 units/month performances, so i guess the Model 3 will only be able to outsell it once the Short Range version is effectively on the roads.

Another interesting fact is that, with the exception of the Merc C-Class, all other Top 5 ICE models are having 25%-plus YoY sales drops, so the Model 3, added to the SUV craze, is reshaping the Midsize Luxury Car market.