Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Denmark August 2019

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Tesla Model 3 and the Koreans

Registrations were up 128%, to 5,484 units so far, placing the 2019 PEV share at 3,5%, a significant jump regarding the 2018 score (2%).

The current leader, the Tesla Model 3, was surpassed by the #2 Kia Niro PHEV in July, beating it with 98 vs 96 units, but despite this, the Tesla nameplate owns 24% of the market, with a sizeable lead over the #2 Kia Niro PHEV. I guess Tesla can order, with 5 months in advance, a Best Seller party here...

Below the Tesla Model 3 lead, we have three(!) Korean models, with 4 of the Top 6 models coming from the Hyundai-Kia ranks.

The only significant change last month was the Toyota Prius PHEV, that jumped two positions, to #8, thanks to 56 registrations, the model best result ever in this market. 

In the Manufacturers ranking, Kia recovered the leadership, with 27% share, switching spots with Tesla (26% share), while Hyundai, with 14%, is firm in the last place of the podium.


  1. Maarten VinkhuyzenSeptember 05, 2019

    Good to see Denmark is back after the tax hike induced collaps two years ago.

  2. What is happening in this market? Last year the Nissan Leaf sold above 600 units and the Renault Zoe above 400, but by the look of things, this year if the Leaf reaches half of that and if the Zoe is able to match last year performance, it will be a celebration! Interestingly, last year the Outlander PHEV couldn't be found anywhere in the Top10. This is a highly irregular market.