Monday, October 28, 2019

Luxembourg September 2019

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Tesla is so popular in Luxembourg that even the Police runs around in Model S...

Tesla Model 3 is Big in Luxembourg

After a so-so 2018, PEV sales in Luxembourg are back in the fast track, with 1.162 plug-ins registered so far, with the PEV Share jumping to 2,7% (1.6% of which is BEV), while last month the share reached a record 5,1%.

A preview for the 2020 share?

BEVs continue to run faster (+192% YoY) than PHEVs (+16%), with their share in the PEV market now being 61%, a 10% increase regarding last year.

After winning the 2016 and 2017 Best Seller title with the Model S, Tesla has once again a nameplate in the lead, with the Model 3 shooting for #1 this year, with an amazing 26% share, more than tripling the sales of the #2 Renault Zoe. 

The remaining podium position went for the surprising Volvo XC60 PHEV, but with the Mini Countryman PHEV only 4 units behind, the Swedish SUV might have its Bronze medal, and Best Selling PHEV title, at stake.

Outside the Top 20, a mention to the brilliant start of the new BMW 330e, that scored 11 registrations last month, jumping to 3rd in the September ranking, while at the same time it scored the nameplate best result in the last 30 months. Will we see it running for the medal spots next year?

Looking at the manufacturers ranking, Tesla is this year "King of the Hill", with 32% share, while Volvo is the runner-up, with 15%, followed by the #3 BMW (9%) and #4 Renault (#7).


  1. From the posted data, Q32019 standings are:

    1st Tesla with 371 vehicles
    2nd Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance with 159 vehicles
    3rd BMW Group with 141 vehicles
    4th Volvo car with 159 vehicles
    5th Kia-Hyundai with 88 vehicles

  2. Hey, those Luxembourg police Model S are old! They were added to the count in 2018.

    written by Looney Tunes

  3. 1939 Renault Zoes this October in France vs 4382 EVs (excluding Hybrids or PHEVs), Phase II is not yet delivering its full promise, but let us see what happens in November.

    1. Yeah, it's not a bad result per se, it's just that we now expect a big jump in registrations coming from Renault.

      If not in November, maybe in December?