Friday, October 4, 2019

Looking for EVs - From Germany to Sweden

Germany - We saw 2 or 3 Teslas on the autobahn, but no other Premium EVs. Or PHEVs, for that matter. 

In Berlin, a few Nissan Leaf and VW were visible, just like 1 Kona EV, 1 VW e-Up! and 1 Smart EV. Oh, and 1 Opel Ampera, that still hadn't migrated to other pastures. Funny enough, we haven't spotted any Renault Zoe, or even BMW i3, that seemed so common on other visits to the city.

So. Many. Cars. In Germany. It will be a titanic task to change this fleet into EVs. 

Sweden - We didn't had to look for them, because they showed regularly on the road, though without with the frequency we see in Norway, where they pop up everywhere, but nevertheless, Sweden is getting there.

Plenty of Teslas, all three nameplates, but also Kia Niro PHEV/EV, Nissan Leaf, e-NV200, BMW i3...You name it.


  1. I'm surprised that you saw "a few" Leafs in Berlin: I hardly ever see them... (In line with German sales figures.) There is an occasional Zoe or Smart ED. i3 is still pretty common -- though it feels like lately the shared ones (DriveNow) -- which used to make up at least half of those I saw -- have become rare. Perhaps because of the massive new competition from VW?...

    On that note, at least where I live, the shared e-Golfs are everywhere. (Also a few from CleverShuttle, beside VW's own We Share.) On the other hand, I only recently saw a non-shared e-Golf for the very first time... Though that might be simply because they are so hard to tell from "regular" Golfs; and only now that the shared ones have become so common, I learned how to spot them?

    Teslas are not exactly rare around here. I actually see them more often that for example Zoe -- though that might be because Teslas are so recognisable, so it's harder to miss them...

    1. Yeah, the Berlin DriveNow i3's were very visible in the past, but funny enough, i haven't seen them this time.

    2. Well, they still exist (I just saw one parked in my street) -- they just feel less visible lately...

  2. If someone is interested in my experience - I have seen a Tesla Model S and Leaf in Vienna, Zoe and EV version of Smart for 2 in Regensburg.