Thursday, October 31, 2019

Global Top 20 September

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Models: Tesla and BMW shine

After the historic August drop, registrations were again down in September, this time by 8% YoY, to some 183.000 units, mostly due to the subsidy-related drop in China, and the USA market is not helping too.

The worst news of the month was that BEVs were down, if only by 1%, possibly for the first time ever, but on the other hand, the PHEV crisis seems to be flattening out (only 23% down last month).

As a result, the PEV share stayed at 2,3% last month, inline with the 2019 PEV share of 2,3%, which itself is slightly lower than the record 2,4% it had in June. Maybe Q4 brings the needed uptick to put back the pluging share in record levels?

In the context of these dark clouds hanging over the PEV market, few models have reasons to celebrate, but nevertheless, the Tesla lineup had a positive month, not only the Model 3 had a near record performance, staying just 431 units of its June score (39.632 units), but the other two models also climbed positions, with the Model X jumping two positions, to #15, while the Model S flagship rejoined the table, in #20.

But the climber of the month was the BMW i3, shooting 4 spots, to #10, while another BMW continues on the rise, with the 530e/Le twins reaching #7, thanks to a record 6.127 units. With the #5 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV some 1.700 units away, if the big Bimmer continues to step up the pace, it might be able to dethrone the Japanese SUV from the Best Selling PHEV throne.

Another model on the rise is the Toyota Prius PHEV, now up to #13, that is climbing positions thanks to the sales dry up of a few Chinese EVs.

Manufacturers: Tesla and BMW shine (x2)

September saw the leader Tesla reach another record month this year, with 49.821 units, while below it, we have a surprise, with BMW reaching the runner-up spot, with 14.289 units, a new year best, a score that was enough to beat the Chinese armada (BYD, BAIC and SAIC) that sits above it on the YTD table.

With the new 330e model landing last month, and the new X5 PHEV starting soon, the German maker should have a strong last quarter of the year, repeating a few more podium positions in the next three months, although it should be hard to recover the 4th spot from SAIC.

Another surprise is the rise of Nissan to #6, all thanks to the sales demise of Geely, something that #14 Renault is also benefitting, having surpassed three Chinese makers in a row.

Still, there was one Chinese OEM shining, with GAC profiting from the hot Aion S to rise to #19, thanks to 4.010 units. 


  1. Madan RajanOctober 31, 2019

    While worldwide sales will top 2 million, this is not a great year as subsidies were cut in 2 main markets. Selling so many PEVs without subsidies itself is an achievement. Lets hope the Chinese launch more higher range EVs next year and this takes the sales to 3 million +.
    I think 2019 is probably the year, when the worldwide ICE sales decreased. A turning point.

    1. Maybe I'm having a brain fart but which two main markets were subsidies cut in, China and ?

    2. The USA. Not for everybody, but for the market leader and the runner up, Tesla and GM.

  2. Madan RajanOctober 31, 2019

    Thanks to Tesla for selling a lofty 257082 units in YTD. Wow 49821 sales of last month is nearly 4 times that of #2 BYD.
    4 of Top-20 are PHEVs leaving the remaining 16 with the Top-4 spots for BEVs. BEVs down only by 1% shows that this segment is much stronger.
    What is more significant is that most of the vehicles sold in 2019 has much higher range thanks to Model-3 which means the distance travelled by 2019 sold PEVs will be much higher than 2018 sold PEVs.

  3. For September
    Model 3 - 39201
    Model S - 2983
    Model X - 4903
    Total 47,087

    But the total for Tesla is reported at 49821.

    1. You're right, i have to check this.

    2. Ladislav BendaNovember 04, 2019

      49821 looks like the wrong number.
      Tesla YTD sales estimate in Sep 2019 - 257082
      Tesla YTD sales estimate in Aug 2019 - 210092 (likely slightly updated by Jose since then)
      The difference of ca. 46990 is consistent with the September total of 47087.

  4. What is the BEV/PHEV ratio?

  5. Tesla sold more vehicles in 9 months of this year than what they sold in 12 months of last year. Hope the production from GF-3 will give it much needed boost. More Chinese BEVs with higher range are on the way to challenge Tesla for leadership.

    Cumulative sales of Model-3 stands at 355,869 while that of Leaf at 441,286.
    So Model-3 trails Leaf by 85,417 units. Overall Tesla has sold 790,000 vehicles till 2019-09. By now, it should have crossed 800,000 vehicles.

    Worldwide cumulative PEV sales stands at 6.844 million and this is excluding heavy vehicles and low speed electric vehicles. So the 7th million PEV could be sold either in October or November.

    Nissan can go ahead and launch 80 KWh version of Leaf as Leaf ++ or Leaf * as the 3rd and highest range EV. This will cater to those who use it for taxi / business / long range travellers. After all battery capacity has increased while prices have gone down.
    In addition, they can also launch AWD version since many new customers prefer offroad driving.

    1. Significantly increasing battery capacity for the Leaf, or adding a second motor, both require a new platform -- which will come at some point, but not in the near future.

  6. When I run the totals for the last 9 months, it shows up YTD total as 1,588,865. But your webpage shows up 1,608,909. So where is the difference of 20,044 coming up. Is it some heavy vehicles that is not included in monthly totals. If not, can you please correct it.

    2019-09 183393
    2019-08 157696
    2019-07 148144
    2019-06 264591
    2019-05 179270
    2019-04 166200
    2019-03 224335
    2019-02 111541
    2019-01 153695

    1. Numbers are not updated, if you do need updated numbers, please visit our sister site,

  7. José,
    EV sales grow faster than your tables' formats - please consider using a comma to separate groups of thousands.
    Btw. your site is great, feels like the whole world uses your numbers - keep up the great work!

    1. lol, you are right.

      I will haver that in consideration in the following posts.