Thursday, October 3, 2019

Looking for EVs - From Slovenia to Poland

Fast-Chargers on highways: A must.

Slovenia - One of the good things about Slovenia is the existence of fast-chargers on the highway service stations, something that some countries with higher plugin shares tend to forget and it is essential to make longer trips more comfortable.

On the local EV fauna, we saw 1 Nissan Leaf, 1 Renault Zoe and 1 Citroen C-Zero. Oh, and a VW Golf GTE with Dutch license plates (they do like to travel abroad, don't they?).

It felt like a tourist (and EV) friendly place, and local radios weren't bad either, with the news being broadcasted in Slovenian, English and German (?!?).

3 EVs in Budapest

Hungary - We saw 2 Nissan Leaf and 1 Opel Ampera on the countryside, but it was on the fancy area of Budapest (Buda), that we saw an EV Bonanza: countless Leaf, i3's, 2 e-Up!, 2 e-NV200, 1 Smart EV, 1 Kia Soul EV, 1 Fiat 500e(!!!)...With plenty of PHEVs too, with the Opel Ampera everywhere, plus a few Prius PHEV and Outlander PHEV for good measure.

Despite this EV density, we saw few Teslas, 2 Model X and 1 Model S, while other Luxury EVs were completely absent. Are the local rich people averse to EVs?

Slovakia - We saw a few Toyota hybrids and 1 Outlander PHEV, otherwise...nothing much going on.

One Opel Ampera that must have migrated from Germany/Netherlands to Hungary...

Czech Republic - See Slovakia. Same story, but without the Outlander. Good radios, though, with Country Music radio and CAS Rock, a brilliant Rock radio.

Poland - We saw a couple of Nissan Leafs, 1 BMW i3, 1 Model S and...that was all folks.


  1. How much EV specific planning did this trip require?

  2. Funny thing, the only EV I noticed on my last visit to Warsaw was an i8: the first one I ever saw -- long before I saw one in Berlin...

    In Slovakia, while I didn't see any actual EVs, I did see a Tesla destination charger for the first time, at a mountain hotel in the Tatra. (At some 1600 m.)

  3. The BMW i8 is popular in unexpected places, a couple of years ago, it was the best selling plugin in Turkey…

    I guess the design alone makes that car desirable anywhere in the world.

    1. Totally. IMHO it's the coolest-looking BMW ever -- by far. I actually kinda like it, despite it only being a low-range PHEV...

    2. I agree, it is also my favorite BMW. Ever.

      One of my dream projects is to make an all-EV i8, removing all the ICE bits and installing a bunch of batteries in the vancat space.

      Maybe one day, who knows?