Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Markets Roundup - December 2019

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I. Big Markets

Let's see how the Big EV Markets fared in 2019:


* BAIC EU-Series #1 - First time winner, but in 2020 it will have more competition; 

* 1.2 million units - What a roller coaster, great first half of the year, then after the incentives change, a stark drop, with December ending with a sign of hope. And the Market Share reached 5.5%, above the share of the USA or Europe. 


* Tesla Model 3 #1 - Second win for the Californian, but in 2020 the Model Y lands, so...Enjoy it while you can, Model 3;

* 325.000 sales - Poor second half of the year, leading to slight drop, to 2.0% share.


* Tesla Model 2 #1 - First title for Tesla in Europe, to be repeated in 2020, but in 2021, things should become more interesting;

* 564.000 units - Sales increased the pace, with the PEV share reaching 3.6%, with plug-in hybrids losing importance, with BEV's now owning 64% of the market. 


* Nissan Leaf #1 - Despite lack of real competition, the Nissan hatch did its part and won another title;

* 44.000 units - What can i say, sales have (again) dropped and the PEV share has dropped to 0.8%. Disappointing.


* Tesla Model 3 #1 - Canada's darling. At least until the Model y lands...

* 51.000 units - Strong, steady growth, with the market share ending at a record 2.6%.

South Korea

* Hyundai Kona EV #1 - A new year, a new win for the Crossover, scoring another all-time record (14.000 units). The Kona EV is the leader in Korea.

* 34.000 sales - A hot market, with doubling sales, and the market share now reaching 1.9%. A mention to the Hyundai Nexo Fuel Cell, that registered 4,000 units, leading to a 0.2% share, being the only place FCEVs started to become common(ish).

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III. Other markets

A few words on smaller markets:

New Zealand - Tesla Model 3 lands and immediately becomes the Best Seller. PEV share jumped to 2.6% (up from 1.4% in 2018);

Israel - Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV was #1, market has beaten the 2018 records and reached 1.5% share. Too many PHEVs, though;

Australia - Doubling sales (9,000 units), with the Tesla Model 3 stealing the show and winning the Best Seller title. The market share needle is finally starting to move (0.9% PEV share);

Brazil - Volvo XC60 PHEV was the Best Seller, in a year that things finally started to move upwards (1,500 units), although share wise, we are still rock bottom (0.1%);

Mexico - Tesla Model 3 steals the show and pulls the market up (1,400 units in total), but share wise, it is still in its infancy (0.1%);

Colombia - Fast growth is moving up the needle (0.5% share), with the BMW i3 becoming the 2019 Best Seller;

South Africa - Jaguar and Land Rover came into play and together with BMW, they are the only ones pulling the market up, allowing it to reach record heights (300 units...);

Taiwan - Tesla Model 3 disrupts the market, making it grow 5-fold, while the plugin share finally starts to move (0.4% share);

Hong Kong - Although still far from the 2017 record (4,000 units), the 2019 result (2,000 units) allowed it to come alive again and reach some 5% share;

Singapore - A record 1,400 units allowed this market to reach 1.9%, with the 2019 Best Seller being the Hyundai Kona EV; 


  1. Madan RajanJanuary 29, 2020

    Tesla Model-3 is World #1.

    Nice to see Hyundai selling 4,987 Nexo's worldwide. So, are they going to popularize FEVs.
    Will the FEVs gain some share from ICEs. If so it will be interesting. Toyota is going to sell Mirai Gen-2.
    But FEVs are no match for BEVs with MIC Model-3 and many more models hitting while some more have range increases.

  2. Madan RajanJanuary 29, 2020

    Dear editor

    It will be nice, if we adopt simpler 3 letter acronym for the electrified vehicles.

    PEV: Plugin Electric Vehicle (Includes BEV & PHV, may include FEV if it has plug to charge a battery in future)
    BEV: Battery Electric Vehicle
    FEV: Fuelcell Electric Vehicle
    PHV: Plugin Hybrid Vehicle
    FHV: Full Hybrid Vehicle (Prius hybrid, Ioniq hybrid ...)
    MHV: Mild Hybrid Vehicle (Jeep Wrangler, RAM 1500 ...)
    SHV: Stop/Start Hybrid Vehicle (Many models have this option)

    Please consider.

    1. How is that simpler than sticking with established and generally understood acronyms?...

    2. With so many Tesla boats recently making a stop in Korea, I was wondering what kind of sales Model 3 is seeing there?

    3. I am wondering, how was 2019 in Austria and in UK? I assume these numbers are somewhere within the whole Europe figures but how was the growth in detail in these two markets. In 2018 they were doing quite well. It would be interesting to know how the M3 has affected the UK market after the launch mid last year