Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Spain December 2019

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Tesla Model 3 wins in Spain

The Spanish plug-in market is growing fast, with the 2019 tally ending at over 17.000 units, a 53% increase over the 2018 result, allowing the 2019 PEV Share to end at a record 1.4%, the first year this market crosses the important 1% threshold. 

Interestingly, BEVs grew faster (+70% YoY) than PHEVs, pulling the BEV share to 58%, 6% above the 2018 result.

Looking at last month best sellers, the big news were both Smart nameplates pulling Year Best results, with the Forfour EV reaching 173 units and becoming the December Best Seller, allowing it to climb one position in December and end the year in #9, while its two-seater sibling ended the year in #11. 

The final results of the 2019 ranking crowned the Tesla Model 3 as the Best Seller, although it had to keep a close eye on the runner-up Nissan Leaf, with the Japanese hatchback repeating last year standing.

The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV was preparing itself to repeat the Bronze Medal and the Best Selling PHEV title of last year, but the Mini Countryman PHEV pulled out a strong end of the year (455 units in Q4), removing the Japanese SUV from the 3rd spot in the last days of December, and allowing the British Crossover to win its first podium position and Best Selling PHEV title.

Other models with great performances in the last month of the year were the VW e-Golf, that thanks to 136 registrations last month, managed to climb one position to #7, ending the year with 941 units, tripling(!) its 2018 result, while both Porsche models also shined, with the #20 Panamera PHEV registering 33 units, a new year best, while the Cayenne did even better, by delivering 108 units, allowing it to jump four positions, to #15.

On the other hand, the 2018 Best Seller, the Renault Zoe, had a bad year, registering just 1.051 units, down 26% YoY, ending 2019 in 5th.

On the manufacturers ranking, the race was pretty close, with BMW (11%) finally winning the trophy, with a 102 units advantage over Tesla (11%), while Nissan (10%) won the Bronze medal.

Outside the podium, Hyundai (9%) ended in 4th, with Smart (8%) and Mini (8%) following close.

Looking at this year race, sales will continue to grow fast, with the plugin share reaching 2% by year end, with a number of candidates willing to remove the Model 3 from the throne, the Renault Zoe will try to recover its mojo in 2020, the Hyundai Kona EV will build on its current result, while the Peugeot EVs (208 and 2008) will surely be among the Top 10, and the VW ID.3 will also be a model to follow closely.


  1. When will we get a definitive number for 2019 worldwide EV sales? I imagine it is between 2.2 and 2.3 million vehicles. Right?!

    1. Reaching 2.3 millions would require December numbers to double over November... 2.2 - 2.3 as a range seems plausible, though.

    2. On target!

      (Expect a Twitter-like post on that during the weekend)

  2. Yes near these numbers.Not very impressive.Happy that the share of BEV has grown a little compared with PHEV.

  3. Seat Mii at home market is a favorite?

    1. Had forgotten about it, thanks for reminding me!

      On one hand, local heroes tend to have a boost in sales, but on the other hand, city EVs are not very popular in Spain.

      I guess a Top 5 spot will be possible for small Seat.

    2. I think Mii and e-Born will be strong sales.Top3.

    3. The e-Born will come in late 2020, so it won't make such an impact this year.

      In 2021, however...

  4. I think,market will grow Spain and Italy up more than 2,5 times and Tesla3 will not be in top3(what is more important for Teslas: mission or the price of their car?)

    1. That question doesn't even make sense.

      What's your point? That Tesla isn't dumping their amazing premium cars at budget prices?...

  5. My forecast:Seat will win with a big advantage.

  6. The significative growth registered in this market (53%) resulted in a far cry from the hoped 2% PEV share.
    Both Zoe and Leaf had contributed nothing to the increase, which was largely the work from the Countryman and Outlander (PHEV) and the e-Golf, Kona and Model 3 (EV), but despite all that, Tesla failed to reach any great standings in the carmakers ranking.

    From the published data, 2019 carmaker standings are:

    1st Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance with 4216 vehicles
    2nd BMW Group with 3065 vehicles
    3rd Kia-Hyundai with 2056 vehicles
    4th Tesla with 1688 vehicles
    5th Volkswagen Group with 1525 vehicles