Monday, September 2, 2013

Sweden August 2013

After rookies last month, this time the theme is veterans, in this case, the Volvo C30 Electric

Leaf gets in the Way Edition

We start looking at August sales by looking at Sweden, where there was another bad month for the EV market, with sales dropping to 99 units and the EV share down to 0,71%.

Profiting from a bad month of the first two, the Nissan Leaf became really close to score its first #1 in Sweden, selling 26 units, just one behind the homeboy from Volvo.

The rest of the models ranking remained the same, just like in the manufacturers chart, although Nissan is now closer from #3 Renault, with just 2 points separating them.

PlSwedenAugust     YTD%'12Pl
1Volvo V60 Plug-In27492416
2Toyota Prius Plug-In24281231
3Nissan Leaf26176153
4Renault Kangoo ZE9140122
5Renault Twizy e)10615N/A
6Volvo C30 Electric02224
7Opel Ampera21615
8Chevrolet Volt1507
9Citröen C-Zero0208
10Fisker Karma          0209


e) Estimate

Source:; manufacturers.


  1. Zoe isn't offered in Sweden?

    1. Not yet, i heard that it's coming there in the end of this year with a winter pack