Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Sweden September 2013

Theme of the month: Most popular plug-in, in this case is the PiP

New Leader in Stable Market

With 118 units sold in September, the swedish EV market is stable at around 100-something units/month, placing the EV share at 0,68%.

In the models ranking the big news is the monthly top spot for the Nissan Leaf, with 42 units (A personal best), the first BEV to reach the swedish #1 since the Kangoo in May '12...

The next in the ranking are the usual V60 Plug-In (24 units) and Prius Plug-In (23), and in at the bottom of the ranking, the Focus Electric lands with two units registered.

PlSwedenSept.     YTD%'12Pl
1Volvo V60 Plug-In24516396
2Toyota Prius Plug-In23304231
3Nissan Leaf42218173
4Renault Kangoo ZE14154122
5Renault Twizy e)10736N/A
6Volvo C30 Electric02224
7Opel Ampera11715
8Chevrolet Volt2717
9Citröen C-Zero0208
10Ford Focus Electric          220N/A


e) Estimate

Source: bilsweden.se; manufacturers.

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