Thursday, February 2, 2017

Fast Charging EV stock - 2016

Following on this article, here is an update to the table:

            Number of EV's sold by type of Fast Charging protocol


As can see, Chademo still has the lead, but for the first time numbers have gone down, mostly due to Mitsubishi sales dive, while CCS this year is had a bitter-sweet year, as on the one hand the BMW i3 numbers grew and the Hyundai Ioniq Electric helped to boost sales, but on the other hand, the VW e-Golf numbers went down, counterbalancing the other two good news. Also not helping, most brands behind it are focused on plug-in hybrids, that don't include fast-charging.

2017 and 2018 will be all important years in the race between Chademo and CCS, as the Nissan Leaf will defend Chademo's lead over the CCS-compatible Chevrolet Bolt and the new wave of European and South-Korean BEV's.

Given the large amount of brands now getting behind CCS, it looks this protocol will win the race in the long run.

Finally, while the Tesla SC is not intended to fight the other two, the truth is that, unlike the softening sales of the other two standards, strong sales of the Tesla brand has increased the lead over CCS and is now starting to close in on Chademo, with the ever-expanding network, top-of-the-range charging abilities and the undisclosed number of Model 3 units to be added this year, expect the Tesla SC to be a serious candidate for the best selling fast charging standard this year. 

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