Friday, February 8, 2019

USA January 2019

Resultado de imagem para Honda Clarity PHEV

Honda Clarity PHEV jumps to #2

Some 17,000 plug-in units were registered last month in the USA, a 42% improvement YoY, with the PEV Share reaching 2.2% in January

These results were mostly thanks to the Tesla Model 3 deliveries, that tripled deliveries regarding 12 months ago, while the Honda Clarity PHEV also had a big jump in sales (+97%), allowing it to reach the runner-up place.

Will the Honda nameplate keep this status at the end of the year? 

Looking elsewhere, there isn't much to talk about, except the fact that Chevrolet is not pushing sales, in fact they are down YoY, if the Volt (-5%) performance is not shameful, or surprising, given it it a model in sunset-mode, the Bolt score (-21%!) should sound the alarm at The General HQ, because if sales are down with the full $7.500 credit, imagine a few months from now, when that ends…

A final reference to the Jaguar i-Pace, after the end of the Dutch Fever, the British Crossover is finally ready to start delivering units in volume, and it is already outselling all Crossover/SUVs not named Tesla... 

Looking at the manufacturers ranking, Tesla owns half of the market (49%, to be more precise), while Chevrolet (9%) hangs on to Second Place, ahead of Honda and Toyota, both with 7% share.

Tesla Model 3 & Others

Jan. Sales  
Toyota Camry
Honda Accord  
Nissan Altima
Tesla Model 3
Hyundai Sonata

With the Tesla Model 3 selling more than its most direct competitor (Mercedes C-Class) in the Premium Midsize category, i believe at this point it's best to compare the Tesla nameplate with the mainstream midsize competition.

The Tesla midsizer was Fourth last month, far behind the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord, but January was always going to be a weak month for the Californian.

Let's see what happens in March.

Tesla Model S & Others

 BMW 5-Series 
Mercedes E/CLS-Class  
Lexus ES
Audi A6
Cadillac CTS
Tesla Model S

Looking at the large premium car category, the Tesla Model S started the year in 6th, but expect a swift recovery in the coming months, on its way for another Bronze Medal.


  1. Model 3 sales are disappointing. It is positioned in the Ford Taurus segment, yet three times more expensive. Tesla needs urgently Model Y going.Trying to succeed in the Ford Taurus sedan class is hopeless.

    1. and I am sure these numbers are over estimating actual sales for January. Remember there was 1011 Model 3s in transit at the end of December. Model 3 sales in February should be lower. Same with the Model S/X. Granted Tesla will dominated in the US seeing that it is home market.

    2. Well, there is just a few thousands of Model 3 on the way to Europe and Asia, maybe choose to focus on this markets for the first month of the year?

    3. Viktor,

      Tesla is located in California which is its biggest single market in the world located in the US which is its biggest compared to EU, China, etc etc. It makes absolutely no sense for Tesla not to continue to sell cars in the US while shipping cars to EU/China. We are talking about 3 different markets handled by three different teams. What makes more sense is that Tesla is concentrating on EU and China markets because it knows that the US Market for the current Model 3 trims is dried up. This is supported by not only the price reduction we have seen since the beginning of the year but also latest news that Tesla cut 150 jobs at its delivery center in Las Vegas that handled deliveries for the US and Canada.

    4. Then it's completely clear for me that you haven't follow the sales here or Tesla for so long. As Tesla is in need to show good results they want as few cars as possible in transit at the end of each quarter. This mean that cars that should be delivered in Europe needs to be built in the beginning of the quarter to have time to reach the customer while cars for US can wait to the end. As there is difference in a car for Europe and US it also makes it easier to produce these separately.
      Not to criticize Jose fantastic work but to give you a better overlook of Teslas sales in US last year you can look at this site.

      Model X sales went from 3975 in September to 1225 in October and Model S went from 3750 to 1350. There was no news outlet that wrote that this meant that Teslas sales is dropping because everyone new that this is completely normal and in December sales was as expected up in high numbers again.

      So yes, it's alarming that Tesla is cutting jobs but I would at least wait until we have March numbers before I drag any conclusion.

  2. Looking at the numbers for January, I think GM is managing stocks and demand at the moment, since they already announced the intention to close down production and not bringing again their Volt/Bolt for another MY.
    On the other hand, Tesla modest numbers may surprise but you can`t keep selling the old cake forever and delight customers meanwhile. The Model S needs an urgent visual/practical and technical update in order to remain very competitive. With Tesla overlooking the Model S career, it leaves the door open for his most direct competitors hammer it down (your stated data for the Audi A6 is incorrect). How Model S sales compared to direct premium rivals:

    Tesla MS - 875 units
    Mercedes-Benz E/CLS - 3258 units
    Audi A7/A6 - 620+1889= 2509 units
    BMW 6-Series/5-Series - 161+3679= 3840 units

    Concerning the Model 3, known data, points out that in the US Tesla has been collecting new customers from previous owners of Nissan Leaf, Honda Civic and Accord, BMW 3-series and Toyota Prius, with Toyota itself confirming a great number of until now so far loyal customers, deflecting to Tesla. Honestly, in this list, only the BMW 3-series can be considered a Premium product, but no one knows how contemporary the great majority of those 3-series trade-ins were, so maybe a mix of 5-10 year old 3-series? The point I want to raise is that many Model 3 owners or future owners are people budget-minded and this premium sector in the US still amounts to more than 15,000 units even after the arrival of the Tesla Model 3 (january 2019):

    Mercedes-Benz C-class - 4676 units
    BMW 4-Series/3-Series - 2842+1226= 4068 units
    Audi A5/A4 - 1651+1691= 3342 units
    Volvo 60-Series - 1400 units
    Lexus IS - 1075 units
    Alfa Romeo Giulia - 531 units
    Jaguar XE - 406 units

    In the US, next for Tesla will be delivering mass volumes of MR and specially SR Model 3 units, still, some Tesla future customers will be abandoning Toyota Corolla, Honda Civic, Hyundai Elantra and the likes, and those, achieve monthly on average 20,000 sales each.

    1. As normal, first month of a quarter is always bad for Tesla because of how they produce and deliver. If you compare to last year both Model S and X increase there sales in January. But I do agree that they need a update.

  3. The US market is a Tesla market and since January Tesla is bringing more M3 to Europe. I expect the US market in 2019 to be relatively disappointing. Europe will get a huge number of different EV's from European and Asian OEM's plus the M3 hits Europes shores. But what will happen in the US? Does anyone know if the big US guys launch some new EV's this year? Or are there any start-ups in the US?

    1. Yep, Jose made nice review of New Models coming in 2018, maybe he could make list for 2019 too?)

      *usually, first year models have pretty low impact on the market, real impact can be seen only on second year of production and further