Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Spain March 2019

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Tesla Model 3 tsunami (Spanish edition)

The Spanish plug-in market hit 2.084 units in March, and the interesting thing is that both powertrain technologies have helped to this good result, as not only BEVs jumped 192% YoY, to 1.301 units, but PHEVs have also surged in March, having registered 1.721 units, up 157%, so plugin hybrids in Spain aren't yet hit by the doom and gloom that is hitting them elsewhere.  

Looking at market share, March reached 1.7%, with 1.1% belonging to BEVs, while the remaining 0.6% comes from PHEVs.

As for last month best sellers, the big news was the first full deliveries month of the Tesla Model 3, with 396 units, being a big contributor for the 62% BEV share within plugin sales. 

While it wasn't enough to beat the all-time record (554 units, in October '17, by the Renault Zoe), this Model 3 performance allowed it to jump to the leadership, surpassing the Nissan Leaf, that surprinsingly enough, had a record performance last month, with 278 registrations, an outstanding feat, considering the arrival of the 62 kWh version in a couple of months, and the possible damage that the Model 3 could have done to it.

If the Leaf is growing and has a shot at racing the Model 3 for the 2019 title, its Renault Zoe relative is on the opposite trend, down 63% to 56 units, and dropping in the 2019 ranking to #7. It seems the 2017 & '18 Best Seller won't be able to make a treble.

The BMW Group had a strong month, with the Mini Countryman PHEV scoring a record 178 units, pulling it to #4, while the BMW i3 delivered 118 registrations, the nameplate best result in 18 months, allowing it to climb to #6, and finally, the BMW 225xe A. Tourer delivered 166 units, a new year best, jumping to #8.

Other models climbing positions are the VW e-Golf, now #9, while the Volvo XC60 PHEV has broken its personal best, with 79 registrations, allowing it to climb to #11, and the Kia Niro PHEV is now #15.

Three recently landed long range BEVs are already showing up on the Top 20, with the promising Audi e-Tron in #17, followed by the Jaguar i-Pace, in #18, and the Kia Niro EV in #19.

If the Tesla Model 3 deliveries are jumping through the roof, the remaining lineup is sinking, with both model sales shrinking over 50% YoY. If the Model S drop (only 7 units last month) is easily explained by the cannibalization of its younger sibling Model 3, the Model X (11 deliveries) drop is not so simple to explain, as the Model 3 is not direcly impacting its sales, and the Model Y is still some time off. 

I believe the most immediate reason for the Model X sales slump is called Audi e-Tron, despite not being as good or efficient as the Californian, the fact is that it is an alternative, something that so far it didn't existed, until now, if you wanted a large EV, you only had Tesla to choose from, wether you liked or not, so the American maker had that segment of the market all to itself. Not anymore. 

On the manufacturers ranking, the race is pretty hot, with Tesla (14%) the new Number One, followed by Nissan (13%), while Hyundai (11%) is now a close Third, and the #4 BMW, with 10% share, is seeking to recover a podium place.


  1. That's right, Tesla has a hot cake in the hands but the pastry doesn't sell anymore the other remaining goods. It brings to consider if Tesla price structure is correct and customers agree with it.
    From the posted data, Q12019 standings are:
    1st Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance 1139 units
    2nd BMW Group 784 units
    3rd Tesla 596 units
    4th Kia-Hyundai 583 units
    5th Daimler 344 units

  2. España es un país con trabajadores empobrecidos donde 60.000€ en un coche no está al alcance de todos,ocupa una basta extensión y la red quitando la de Tesla está en pañales, no obstante pasa de 0'9% al 1'7% es un gran avance en 3 meses

    1. I agree, Tesla is making wonders in a country like Spain, pulling up at the same time the PEV share.

  3. Even in France Tesla is N°1 in March, just a few tens of unit ahead but this still very impressive, I just don'tunderstand why Renault Nissan has been sleeping for years after pioneering the EVs ! I also wonder if Tesla will have (a) the production to keep the momentum, (b) customers at that level once the big backlog has been delivered after a year or so of order intake w/out deliveries...

    1. The Peugeot e-208 is ready to eat the Zoe cake, that's why they are updatinf the Renault EV now.

    2. Yes! I'm really excited about the e-208 and the Zoe battery leasing is a bit of a turn off..

  4. Shocking news from Tesla. 31 percent less cars sold in q1 2019 than in the previous quarter. Production is also down. For the mass market Tesla needs truly innovative batteries at low costs and weight. The premium market as a niche market for electric cars is too small.

    1. Like any other Q1 of each year comparing with the previous Q4 quarter...
      This was the FUD from a lot of naysayers since the beginning of this story.
      In the Y to Y comparison it's at +110%.
      That said, the X and S need a really refresh and a big change in battery capacity (range and speed of charging) to justify the price difference with the Model 3 Performance and LR.
      For the Model 3, the under score in USA is more about the Osborne effect at the contrary with a lot of people advancing their purchase at the end of 2018, before the tax credits went down. The Q2 should be much better with the beginning of SR deliveries and June rush before a new downfall of the tax credits.

    2. Production is down? From what I've seen reported production was below expectations but slightly higher than last quarter.

      Eh, I think Tesla just need to stop shooting themselves in the foot with random price changes, deceptive sales tactics, and focus on improving their assembly lines and what they do best - selling quality EVs. This is also their first quarter delivering outside North America, so plenty of logistics to straighten out and improve upon. Hopefully RHD assembly is smooth, we're still waiting!

      Personally I'll wait for the next couple quarters before drawing any hard conclusions.

  5. Tesla also needs to start doing some marketing in Europe. In non english speaking countries, Musk´s twitter timeline seems to not cut it at all. All the Tesla news I read in spanish local news is pretty negative and as I do small surveys, spaniards impressions of Tesla cars are also mainly negative and sometimes misled (bad quality, dangerous, more polluting than ICE, hyper expensive, not available to order, bad service, short range, millionaire´s playtoy, company is bankrupt, etc). Hyundai Kona, Audi E-tron and Jaguar I-pace, Kia Niro, Nissan Leaf are very present in local media ads here.

    1. Tesla love / hate duality is crazy, i think people forget it's just a car brand, not a religion.