Saturday, August 31, 2019

Segment Leaders - July 2019

Resultado de imagem para Tesla Model 3

Here are the leaders in each class:


A-Segment / City cars - Chery eQ. Benefiting from the BAIC EC-Series debacle, the Chery is back on top. But the rising SAIC Baojun E-Series is less than 1.500 units behind...

B-Segment / Subcompacts - Renault Zoe. The French hatchback is going from strength to strength, leaving the BMW i3 rival far behind;

C-Segment / Compacts - BAIC EU-Series. Shock! Horror! The Nissan Leaf was cornered by a Chinese model! From BAIC!

D-Segment / Midsize - Tesla Model 3. By a landslide.

E/F-Segment / Fullsize - BMW 530e/Le. Maybe the greatest surprise of the year. BMW should thank China sales and the Model 3 (for stealing sales from the older and larger Model S);


B/C-Segment - BYD Yuan EV. The Hyundai Kona EV is on the rise, but still only has half of sales.

D-Segment - Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV. Now that the rival BYD Tang PHEV is licking the end-of-incentives wounds, the Japanese SUV should take the time to win the 2019 trophy;

E/F-Segment - Tesla Model X. Still king of the category, but the runner-up Audi e-Tron is stepping up the pace. An interesting race in 2020?

MPV - BMW 225xe Active Tourer. At 8.500 units, one can't really say it is a hot seller, but is enough to beat the (few) competitors, namely the Chinese.

Sports Cars - Basically, everything is the same as before. BMW i8 is the sole significant representative, at little less than 2.000 units. The 2nd placed Quiantu Q50 registered 121 units...

LCV - Renault Kangoo ZE, with over 5.000 units. Despite not being the last word on technology (it doesn't have fast-charging...), the strength of the brand is keeping it in front.

Pickup Truck - Dongfeng Rich EV. No competition whatsoever make it the king of pick-ups, with just 217 units in 2019...Expect big changes in 2020.


  1. The BMW 530e/Le is actually selling fairly well... it doesn't need to thank the Model 3 for cannibalizing sales of the Model S. The best Jan-Jul the Model S has ever had was 27.7K sales in 2017. That's the only year where the 530e/Le's 26.6K sales YTD wouldn't have won it this prize.

  2. José, are you sure that E-tron is E class? I had idea that it is smaller than the future Model Y (at least the interior).

    1. They have almost the same wheelbase, but e-tron has significantly larger overhangs than Model 3, and thus likely also larger than Model Y.

      I agree though that in terms of interior space, Model Y will likely be larger, due to the packaging benefits of a dedicated BEV platform...