Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Belgium March 2020

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Tesla Model 3 #1 in March, but BMW X5 PHEV (still) leads YTD

Despite the Coronavírus-related lockdown that originated a steep 48% fall in the overall market, plugin registrations remained positive in Belgium last month, with 2.480 passenger plug-ins registered, up an impressive 39% YoY, keeping the YTD numbers at a 91% growth rate.

The March result (8,6%), kept the 2020 PEV share at 6,3%, well above the 3,2% share of last year, while BEVs outsold (52% vs 48%) PHEVs last month, after two straight wins from plugin hybrids.

Tesla had great month in March, placing all its 3 nameplates in the Top 4 positions(!), with the smaller Model 3 leading, with 576 deliveries, the Model X in 3rd, with a record(!) 123 units, and the Model S flagship in 4th, with 99 registrations.

The only model in March running at the same pace of the Teslas was the local hero Volvo XC40 PHEV, that only in its second month on the market, was 2nd placed. The Gent-made SUV seems destined to join the Model 3 and the BMW X5 PHEV in the podium, and although the distance for the Californian sports sedan is significant (533 units), you never know if the compact Volvo won't be able to run for the leadership... 

Another model on the rise are the Mercedes C300e/de twins, that thanks to a record 96 registrations (It seems Mercedes has found a way to get more batteries), last month, has joined the top half of the table.

But the surprising Climbers of the Month were the Tesla Model X and S, that joined the table in #16 and #17, respectively, a rare thing these days in Europe, to find all three Teslas in the Top 20.   

This performance is even more impressive when one realizes that there are only 6 BEVs in the Top 20...And none of them is Korean. In fact, we have no Hyundai or Kia in this Top 20! Weird...

Outside the Top 20, the Ford Kuga PHEV had its first full sales month, registering 49 units, so we might see it here in a few months.

In the manufacturers ranking, BMW (21%) is the clear leader, followed by Tesla (14%), with Volvo (11%) closing the podium, in Third.

The 4th placed Mercedes (6%) is too distant to reach a medal position.


  1. BMW Group is leading this strong PHEV market where Volvo Car also has a strong foothold.

    From the posted data, Q12020 standings are:

    1st BMW Group with 1678 vehicles
    2nd Tesla with 1128 vehicles
    3rd Volvo Car with 830 vehicles
    4th Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance with 627 vehicles
    5th Volkswagen Group with 617 vehicles

  2. While we don't know the true potential of the XC40 yet, since it's still ramping, looking at the numbers for other PHEVs, I think it very unlikely that it can come anywhere near the Model 3...

    I believe the more interesting question here is how it will fare against the X5 in the longer run. All the numbers we have seen thus far suggest that the X5 has been stockpiled in large numbers, to be thrown on the market all at once at the beginning of the year, resulting in a short-lived peak, followed by way more moderate numbers. We don't know yet whether the lower numbers reflect steady-state demand, or are depressed by a slow production ramp: but looking at other vehicles in this class, it doesn't seem likely that it will see huge numbers in Belgium going forward... Unless BMW is offering extremely attractive deals on this model I guess?

  3. The current situation offers an interesting lens: we can see exactly which models are down with the overall market, meaning they were demand-constrained; and which models keep selling well, meaning they were supply-constrained...