Friday, April 24, 2020

Colombia March 2020

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Dongfeng Rich-6 EV: A success story in Colombia?

BMW i3 #1

EVs in Colombia have hit the brakes last month, due to the COVID lockdown, in the second half of March, with the 99 units sold last month representing a 11% drop, but despite this, the YTD numbers are still up by 4%.

And because the overall market is faring even worse (-39% in March, -6% YTD), the plugin share has grown, to 0,6% (0,8% in March), which is already above the 2019 mark (0,5%). 

Colombia will likely be the first Latin American market to reach 1% share, at least in a few months of 2020, confirming itself as the most promising plugin market south of the US border.

Looking at the Year Best Sellers, there weren't major changes in the last few months, with the two times (2018, '19) winner BMW i3 firm in the leadership, followed by its stablemate BMW 330e in #2, although the sedan is now threatened by the #3 Nissal Leaf, that registered 18 units last month, its best result this year.

Outside the podium, we have the three times winner (2015, '16 & '17) Renault Twizy, tied with another BMW, the X5 PHEV, both in #4.

But last month most interesting news was the landing of the Dongfeng Rich-6 EV, with 13 registrations in March of the Chinese Pick-up Truck (based on the Nissan Frontier / Navara), it has become immediately the most successful Chinese EV in this market, so it will be interesting to see how the Best Selling electric pick-up truck in the World (there isn't much competition...), with its 57 kWh battery, will do in Colombia.

By brands, BMW is King, with 48% share, with Mercedes in the runner-up spot, with 15% share, while Renault is 3rd, with 12%, just ahead of Nissan (11%).


  1. I guess there aren't really many models to chose from in this market?...

  2. Wait, this isn't the same information I have.
    According to andemos, march saw an increase of 182,5% YoY for BEVs (40 to 113) and 12% PHEV (25 to 28). This number does include 15 Renault Twizy.
    Comparing february vs march totals we have new BEVs for this brands:
    Renault - 27.
    BMW - 21
    Nissan - 18 (all leafs)
    BYD - 4.
    Stark - 11 (trucks)
    Dongfeng - 13
    JAC - 4
    Today Sunshine - 8
    Jaguar - 1
    Winlee - 2
    Mercedes - 1
    Lianke - 1
    (I'm missing two lol)

    More importantly, Colombia sold 75 Plugin cars in march 2019, so 99 would still be an increase. Please look at the data, you can find it here:

    At last, where did you get the info from Dongfeng? I'm not able to find anything about it :(

    1. Check this link:

      As for Dongfeng, i saw 13 registrations of the brand, and after checking local websites, the only references i saw to electric Dongfengs regarded this pick-up truck.

    2. That's the same source I use, but in there we have a 182% increase YoY for BEVs and a 12% for PHEVs. Why do you mention a 11% drop?

    3. That report counts all vehicles (Buses, motorbikes, etc), while here i only count passenger cars.

    4. Thanks for the explanations. Indeed, it's trucks and buses that are booming here.

  3. Please give us the worldwide numbers for March. What is the latest market to publish monthly data almost one month after March has ended? Could you also make a post with links to each source e.g. registration websites? That would be great.

    1. The worldwide numbers are always published shortly before the end of the month, right after European totals.

      I'm not sure it has anything to do with late reporting: I rather think it's intentional, to spread the posts out over the whole month?...

    2. I wished it was so!!!

      The reality is that if you want to make truly global data reporting, you have to wait a few weeks, as oficial data is spreaded along a wide range of time, if some countries can report almost in real time, others report with a large difference, for example, even with 1 month delay, i still need to make estimates, like for Hong Kong, Ukraine, Malaysia, several Middle Eastern countries…

      Then, there are markets that only report on a quarterly basis...Doing it with the level of dephth that EV Sales does is not easy.

    3. @Jose, are your numbers different from They already posted their March numbers,195,400 EVs globally. Do you cover more markets or do they have faster access to data?

    4. @Stephan90 it's the same numbers (collected by the same people); it just takes some time to write the article... Most likely we will get it tomorrow :-)

    5. Antrik is right, EV Sales and EV Volumes share the same database.

      Where have you seen that 195k number? I believe that was a preliminary number.

      And that is why i publish the global numbers with one month delay, numbers are always evolving, even those that will be published in a few hours will be subject to change in the future.

    6. Oh, i found the 195k number. This number includes light comercial vehicles (Renault Kangoo, etc), while on EV Sales i only talk about passenger vehicles.

    7. @Jose, thank you for the clarification.