Friday, August 16, 2013

Germany July 2013

The first 23 units of the BMW i3 landed this July

Leaf Fights Back Edition

After the 228 units sold by the Renault Zoe in June, in July the Nissan Leaf responded with a new personal sales record, scoring 230 sales, a second monthly #1, and also closing in to its french cousin on the YTD chart.

Unlike other markets, this one kept on improving sales in July, registering 633 units sold, a year best, thanks to the Zoe/Leaf sales competition and the landing of the homeboy BMW i3, which will surely join the previous two on the monthly fight for #1. A side effect of this sales growth is the EV Share rising to 0,195%, now just 0,003% behind last years score of 0,198%.

On a market predominantly BEV, the only Plug-In Hybrid to score significant sales is the Opel Ampera, this year down to #6 and 7% share, when in 2012 it was #2 and had 14% share.

Finally, in the brands ranking, Renault (35%) recovered the #1 spot from Smart (32%), with Nissan a distant third placed, with 15% share.

1Smart Fortwo ED e)1001.081327
2Renault Twizy e)100606181
3Renault Zoe15454116N/A
4Nissan Leaf230519155
5Citröen C-Zero
6Opel Ampera1824172
7Mitsubishi I-Miev87429
8Renault Fluence ZE03316
9Peugeot iOn02718
10BMW i3        23231N/A


e) Estimate


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