Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Switzerland July 2013

The first swiss Model S arrived in June

Zoe vs Leaf Swiss Edition

With 121 units sold, it was another good month for plug-ins in Switzerland, with the EV share rising 0,02% to 0,33%, although still far from the 0,41% share obtained in 2012.

This good result is due to the particular competition between the Renault Zoe and the Nissan Leaf, respectively #1 and #2 in July, and at this pace, it won't take long for both to surpass the Twizy in the YTD ranking.

Looking at the BEV/PHEV distribution, this is another market where Plug-In Hybrids are losing ground to pure electric cars, in 2012 PHEV's represented 29% of the market, but now they just represent 15%, with the best selling PHEV, the Opel Ampera, now only fifth when last year it ended in #2.

1Renault Twizy e)20149251
2Renault Zoe471332211
3Nissan Leaf29113196
4Mitsubishi I-Miev777135
5Opel Ampera84472
6Chevrolet Volt73566
7Citröen C-Zero
8Fisker Karma11128
9Peugeot iOn
10Renault Fluence ZE
11Tesla Model S230N/A
12Tesla Roadster
13Think City


e) Estimate

Source: auto-suisse.ch

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