Wednesday, February 3, 2016

2015 Top EV Automotive Groups

The Top 10 Automotive EV Groups reflects the 2015 volume of plug-ins sold by each Manufacturing Group, and to put that into context, i have decided to compare it with the all-time volumes:

Sales '15%Total Sales%


BYD 61.7261187.8737

VW (VAG)58.8071173.0706

Tesla 51.5989110.2718





A few facts are visible here:

- The Renault-Nissan Alliance leadership continues to dwindle, losing ground to the competition each passing year;

- BYD has surpassed the Volkswagen Group in the race for Second Place, and given the bullish goals of the chinese brand, i wouldn't be surprised to see it in the leadership a year from now;

- Tesla and Mitsubishi continue to ride the plug-in wave, while Ford and GM disappeared from the top spots, reflecting the flat sales in the US and the lack of investment in other markets;

- BMW's bet in Plug-ins is being rewarded with an important role in the EV scene, with new models arriving in 2016, the german brand can only see its share grow;

- Finally, Kandi and Zotye, now #7 and #8, respectively. The Chinese EV market and manufacturers are hand in hand growing in incredible rates and that is reflecting already in the global rankings, with these two joining the Top 8 Automotive Groups. In fact, if we were to consider Kandi and Volvo as part of Geely Group (Should we? Let the discussion begin), those two together would be #6, ahead of BMW, with 44.380 units in 2015 and 8% share. 

(1) - Includes Kandi and Volvo


  1. So Tesla is market leader in terms of battery capacity sales (in kWh) in 2015, with a large margin.

    And probably also in total sales since there is a 2.6 ratio between Renault-Nissan and Tesla.

  2. Jose, the Renault-Nissan Alliance recently reported 302,000 EVs sold through Decebember 2015, check here:

    Tesla Motors figure seems to overestimate sales as reported by Tesla. From the quarterly reports a total of 107,148 Model S have been sold, plus 208 Model X, and about 2,450 Roadsters (check here, adds up to 109,838 electric cars sold by Tesla

    1. There is a 465 units difference in Tesla numbers, which might be explained by fine tuning differences in the last quarter of 2015, as for Renault-Nissan, the 11.000 units difference comes mostly from the 2015 report, as the Alliance reports 85.000 EV's sold last, and i can only count 75k.

      I honestly don't know where that difference comes from, Renault reports 25k sales in Europe (As i do), Leaf sold 44k in 2015, so adding both you get 69k.

      Did Renault outside Europe and Nissan e-NV200 worldwide sold 17k units in 2015? Doubtful, but only The Alliance can respond to that.

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