Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Norway August 2020


Octavia iV é só o início da ofensiva eletrificada da Skoda
Skoda Octavia PHEV: Norway's next Success Story?

Polestar 2 lands in 70% share market

The Norwegian automotive market was down 11% YoY last month, but plugins continue on the rise, with BEVs up 21% in August, to 5.704 units, while PHEVs did even bettter, up 56% YoY, to 1.881 units, pure electrics alone represented 53% of the total, and adding plugin hybrids to the tally, we get 70% share, keeping the 2020 PEV share at 69% (48% BEV).

Looking at the fuels breakdown, if plugins are up, the rest is down, and even HEVs are now suffering from the blackhole effect of PEVs, as their sales are down 39% YoY, now having 9% share of the market, but petrol and diesel are even worse, with the first down 42%, to 11% share, while the latter dropped 47%, to just 10%, in the same month last year, diesel had 19% share...Will we see the diesel slutten next year?

Looking at August model sales by fuel, we have once again a 100% BEV Top 5, with the Audi e-Tron leading the pack, followed by the Mercedes EQC, that with its production issues now a thing of the past, is running with the best in this market.

This month surprise was of course the Polestar 2, that came out of nowhere into #3, with 494 units , and should become a regular face in this Top 5 from now on. 

In September, up until the 7th, the Polestar 2 is 3rd, with 188 units, just behind the Tesla Model 3 (269) and the new VW ID.3 (226). 

The remaining Top 5 saw the VW e-Golf win another presence, with 489 units, narrowly missing another podium, while the Hyundai Kona EV was 5th, with 408 deliveries.

Audi e-Tron
Mercedes EQC
Polestar 2
VW e-Golf
Hyundai Kona EV

Looking at the 2020 ranking, if the podium positions seem secure for now, there is a rising star in the Top 10, with the Mercedes EQC jumping 3 spots last month, to #6, with the midsize Mercedes, possibly rising a couple more positions in the near future.

The Hyundai Ioniq Electric climbed to #12, surpassing its hybrid rival, the Toyota Corolla Hybrid, while the MG ZS EV and Toyota RAV4 Hybrid also did the same to the Volvo XC60 PHEV, with the Sino-British crossover climbing to #14, and the Japanese to #15.

The Peugeot 208 EV was up to #17, thanks to a record 268 deliveries, surpassing its hybrid rival, the Toyota Yaris Hybrid (Do you see a trend here?...).

In the unplugged category, the highest standing is the Skoda Octavia, in #8 (which bodes well for the success of its PHEV version...), with the #11 Toyota C-HR leading the Toyota hybrid pack.

Interestingly, both the #8 Skoda Octavia and the #15 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid will have PHEV versions soon, so we might see just 3 unplugged models in the Top 20 in the near future.

Outside the Top 20, this month wasn't only about the Polestar 2, as the Peugeot 2008 EV crossover scored a record month, with 239 units, while the Porsche Taycan continues to rise, reaching a record 222 deliveries in August, and the Kia Niro EV scored 151 units, its best performance in the last 17 months, so it seems the recent production ramp up of the Korean maker allowed it to have more units available for this market. Will it get a Top 20 soon?

Looking at the overall manufacturers ranking, Volkswagen (12%) is in the leadership, with Audi (10%) in the runner-up spot, with the #3 Toyota (8%, down 1%) suffering from the seismic changes happening (regular hybrids are sooo 2010...).

Outside the podium, Volvo and BMW (both at 7%) are leading a wolf pack of makers (Hyundai, Mercedes, Skoda all have 6% share), all looking to eat Toyota alive reach the Bronze medal.


  1. 70% share is wonderful.
    I hope the diesel buyers move towards full hybrids, since they can get the ROI much faster while enjoying smoother drive while cruising/in stops.

    Meanwhile VW ID.3 deliveries are underway in Norway while Tesla should also be accelerating for the quarter end. September sales should be more interesting.

    Meanwhile in USA, plugin versions of Fusion and Optima are discontinued.
    Newly launched plugin versions of Kuga/RAV4 are sold in limited quantities. Soon Compass plugin may join and eventually there will be competition between plugins leading to increased sales.

    A year down the line, an American visiting Norway could see a lot of plugins forcing them to rethink on their buying plans.

    1. VW ID3 sales were around 2000 in September, running at 140 sales per day in early October. This would imply 4000 sales in October, which would be a fantastic inroad into the mass market.

  2. Frequently ev-sales.blogspot mentioned about VW e-Up, Skoda Citigo, Seat Mii in sales reports whether they make it to top-20 or not. Its history. VW closed the order books for the triplets.

    Are they pushing everyone to buy a much bigger expensive ID.3.
    Or VW is pushing them to buy diesel vehicles at that price range.
    Or VW is not interested in selling BEVs.


    1. It all comes down to profitability and CO2 rules compliance:

      1 - While the profitable ID.3 wasn't on the market, they needed to comply with the EU CO2 rules, so they launched the triplets at a bargain basement price. They weren't profitable, but at least they helped to avoid fines.

      2 - Now that the profitable ID.3 is on the market, they don't need their backup plan (triplets at low prices + e-Golf at discount price) to sell EV in large volumes, with the added bonus that they will win money at each MEB unit made.

    2. If the regulations are removed, VW will stop selling ID.3 and others that share the MEB architecture. Never trust a petrol/diesel company which is 17% owned by oil exporting arab country.

    3. I am not so pessimistic, money talks, and just like Porsche discovered that EVs are a tremendous source of profit, so too the VW Group as a whole will discover this with the MEB-based models.

  3. Mercedes EQC destroys Tesla Model S.

    Mercedes is the best, Tesla #nodemand

    1. ????

      Mercedes EQC is Tesla Model Y competitor, not Model S.

      Now, if you said that the Porsche Taycan is beating the crap out of the Model S...

      Anyway, last night the targets have been moved, the Lucid Air is the new reference in the EV world.

      Tesla better show some magic in Battery Day (Model S/X refresh, with 120 kWh battery + Model 3/Y 100 kWh + Model 2/C tease + Semi/Roadster developments) and not pie in the sky claims, or else their edge will be lost.

      With the Lucid Air hitting the Model S from above, the Audi e-Tron hitting the Model X from below, and the Model 3 battling the competition in China (Xpeng P7, BYD Han), competition is getting to Tesla levels, so the maker needs to jump ahead, it wants to keep their tech edge.

    2. MB EQC is not in Top-20 in worldwide sales, but Model S is at least around #22/23 and that too in its 9th year, while EQC is just fresh in its 1st year. For MB, its diesel (primary), petrol (seconday), other fuels (tertiary). They will find every way to kill their BEVs.

    3. "Anyway, last night the targets have been moved, the Lucid Air is the new reference in the EV world."

      Jose- this is crazy talk. How is the Lucid better than the Model S? The Lucid has not been independently tested and is very expensive so will eke out a tiny slice of the market. The Tesla Model S has plenty of range, access to the Tesla Supercharger network, autopilot, Tesla's infotainment system, highest safety rating ever recorded, superlative reviews from independent auto reports and owners alike, *service centers* worldwide ... need I go on?

      Tesla is light years ahead of the competition on so many metrics I am astounded that you think they should fear the competition. The moat is wide and getting wider!

      The #1 thing I expect from battery day is a path to enormous scale battery production at low cost. That will be the last nail in the coffin of ICE. (But Elon Musk says "Many exciting things will be unveiled on battery day") And Tesla has a proven track record of delivering vehicles that are even better than the prototypes.

      To be clear, I support Lucid and I hope they succeed. But to suggest that this vehicle is already better than the Model S/X is nonsense.


    4. Battery day is about batteries. I hope they will *not* waste time with product announcements (which they could do at any other time); rather going real deep on battery technology / production plans.

  4. Skoda Oktavia PHEV open for order since start of september in germany. I think Oktavia PHEV will sell very well in Norway. It was always one of the best selling models there and the PHEV should have decent range of nearly 50km. Same drivetrain as in Passat which can often accieve 50km in mixed driving.

    1. I agree, the Octavia PHEV will be a best seller, and not only in Norway!

  5. VWID3 sales currently at 1529!!! in September - far above any other brand. And September is even not finished yet. There is an earthquake coming here.