Thursday, September 10, 2020

Denmark August 2020

Denmark June 2020: Ford Kuga surprise leader in market down -13.4% – Best  Selling Cars Blog 

Ford Kuga Craze in booming market (20% share!)

Plugin sales are going through the roof this year, with 14,818 units so far (+390%!), and the main culprit is the Ford Kuga PHEV, that in August was for the second time in a row the Best Selling model in the overall market, with 1.509 units!

Does anyone knows why Danes have all of the sudden fallen in love with Ford's crossover?... 

The 4.122 Kuga PHEV registered this year would alone pull the plugin share to new heights, but the truth is that other models are also experiencing record sales, in this Top 10 alone, we have 3 new new highs, with the #7 Hyundai Kona EV registering 150 units last month, its Group sibling Kia Niro EV also scoring a record 141 deliveries, while the Peugeot 3008 PHEV recorded a best ever performance of 185 deliveries in August. 

This group of brilliant results pulled the PEV share in August to 20% share, pulling the 2020 share to 12% last month, although one should notice that plugin hybrids are the majority of sales (65%), if we count only the 5.258 BEV registrations made this year, the EV share is just 4,2%...

It seems PHEVs are replacing diesel models as the company car default choice, hence the sudden rise of plugin hybrids.

Looking at the Best Sellers ranking, the Ford Kuga PHEV is high above anyone else, with this market being by far the most successful for the plugin crossover, while in 2nd we have last year's leader, the Tesla Model 3, that nevertheless, has seen its sales grow 29% YoY, so Tesla doesn't have much to complain about...

The last place of the podium is now in the hands of the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, a late bloomer in Denmark (it was #6 last year), that is experiencing its best moment so far in this market.

Below the podium, we have 3 Kias and 1 Hyundai, confirming the popularity of these brands in the market, while the Peugeot 3008 PHEV makes a surprise appearance in the Top 10, as PSA continues ramp up deliveries, as it tries to empty waiting lists.

Outside the table, a reference to the strong start of the Peugeot 208 EV, with 54 registrations in its landing month, while its French arch-rival, the Renault Zoe, scored 62 registrations, a new Year Best for the Renault nameplate.

In the Manufacturers ranking, Ford (28%) jumped to the leadership, removing the #3 Tesla (13%) from the top spot, while Kia (14%) is the new runner-up, and Volkswagen (9%) is looking to connect to the podium places.


  1. DoggydogworldSeptember 10, 2020

    Cars are mostly sold, not bought. I don't know why Ford chose on Denmark specifically, but most OEMs seem to be focusing EV sales in certain markets. Some OEMs pick markets where their brand is strong, or where the subsidies are highest, or where the competition is not as focused. Audi focuses a lot on tiny Norway, for example, where premium EVs sell well due to tax policies.

  2. Wow, Danes join plugin party. 3.474 is a big #. 60 km range for a crossover with so much trunk space and comfortable seating for 5 is a big buy. Kuga has comfortable lead to maintain #1 thru the year end.

    Kuga sells 1.509 plugins, I wonder they sell that many in USA.
    With move to quarterly reporting, they stopped giving plugin breakup as well. All along, automakers published on monthly basis for each model only for sake of gassers. I wont be surprised if they move to segmentwise reporting like just 1 # for Crossovers, Cars, Vans, Pickups instead of providing model wise breakup.

    1. The numbers i see for the Ford Escape PHEV in the US show two-digit monthly deliveries...So i guess Ford is going strong Europe just because of the CO2 compliance rules.

    2. What, Kuga/Escape sold in 2 digits?
      Escape was #1 in compact cuv at 1 time, but has fallen to #5.
      Ideally Ford should sell more hybrid/plugin versions of Escape to boost sales. But they are intentionally keeping sales low of plugin/hybrid versions to please the oil companies.

      Toyota is also keeping sales of RAV4 plugin low.
      Lets see what Jeep will do with Compass plugin.
      They will learn lessons from Tesla and other automakers.

    3. Yes, the first numbers from the Toyota RAV4 PHEV aren't encouraging...

      As for Jeep, both the Renegade and Compass have started in Europe with good signs, still not volume numbers, but they are on their landing months, so in a couple of months they could start to be worthy of mention on this side of the Atlantic.

      Now, Jeep plugins getting traction in Europe might not mean much for their US career, because #EU_CO2-Compliance

    4. I don't see why Ford would want to please oil companies.

      With cheap gas prices, weak regulations, and the cool crowd preferring BEVs, there just isn't much demand for PHEVs in the US...

  3. @Jose Pontes: Top-10 makes sense for Denmark, but for worldwide, we need Top-30. Can you please try it this month or at least for super september.

    Yes, if Model X outsells Model S, then we may have to conclude that
    * market for cars are shrinking
    * being in 9th year with same exterior design seems outdated.
    * also expensive with only 100 KWh option priced at $75K.

    Lets hope they show/hint some refresh with at least 3 range options (60 KWh, 80 KWh, 100 KWh).

    With Lucid being revealed and factory being built, in another 9 months, it should be hitting the roads. Finally competition is building up.

    1. At today's battery prices, it makes no sense for Tesla to sell smaller battery variants of Model S/X. It would cost only a few thousand dollars less to make, which is insignificant at these price points. Price-conscious buyers go for the more affordable models, and that's fine.

    2. The other reason MoX outsells MoS is because MoS competes with Mo3, which is available worldwide, while MoX competes with MoY which is only available in NA and whose production is stil in a ramp-up mode.

  4. Denmark has very high taxes on car sales. The low end for small cars is about 100 percent tax. So double the price. Luxury cars have a sales tax of 150 percent or more.

    The Danish government has a temporary tax discount on EV:s and hybrids. The tax will gradually increase again and reach the normal 100 percent sales tax in mid 2021.

    Article in Swedish.

    1. Plug-in hybrids only or all hybrids? And is the discount the same for all?