Friday, September 11, 2020

Australia August 2020 (V2.0)

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Tesla leads the EV Revolution in Australia

Close to 4.000 plug-ins were sold this year in Australia, up 6% YoY against a background of a dropping overall market (-20%), with BEVs pulling the market forward (74% of registrations belong to pure EVs) in a previously PHEV-friendly market, placing the PEV Share at 0.7% (1% in August), so 2020 could be the first time that the Australian plugin market ends North of the all-important 1% mark.

The main reason for the good numbers was the arrival of the Tesla Model 3, that is responsible for almost half of plugin registrations, in what was a dormant market before it.

But looking at the models ranking, the BEV takeover isn't limited to Tesla, as only the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV resists to the pure electric wave.

In the remaining Top 5 positions, we have the Hyundai Kona EV in #3 (is the local Hyundai importer still suffering from allocation constraints?), while the Nissan Leaf is #4, with 250 registrations, just above the #5 Hyundai Ioniq Electric (231).

In the manufacturers ranking, there is really no competition for Tesla, with 52% share, with the road open for 2020 to be its 4th consecutive Manufacturers title, while Hyundai (15%) is in #2, followed by the six times winner Mitsubishi (11%), while outside the podium, we have Nissan (7%).


  1. The picture is LHD Model 3!

    1. Maybe it's just flipped ;-)

  2. Nice to see Tesla taking leadership in right hand driving Australia.

    Australia being a coal exporting country should support PEVs. I wonder why its being low when smaller countries like Denmark, Netherlands have higher PEV sales.

    BTW, PEV running on coal fired electricity is still much cleaner because coals pollution is 20% more than oil, but the PEV runs 200% more distance, so if you calculate, for a given unit of pollution, the coal fired PEV will run 2.5 times more distance or has only 40% of the emissions as an oil powered vehicle.

    1. Last I heard, Australia has no EV incentives whatsoever -- so 1% share is actually pretty good...

    2. Because we currently have a government with a vested interest in supporting the coal and mining industry, that have actively sought to discredit EVs to the Australian public, no vehicle emissions standards nor incentives to adopt EVs. Very sad state of play.

  3. @Jose Pontes et al
    News for you all.
    VW delivers its 1st ID.3 to customers. How many 100s or 1000s will be delivered will be know by end of October or earlier if VW reveals.

    Another big news for those who claim that BEVs are coal powered.
    60.1% of new installed capacity in USA is solar, wind took 37,5% while hydro took 2,4%. Natgas & Coal took 0. Way to go. Tesla solar tiles could have played a role.

    1. The market share of Tesla solar tiles is a rounding error at best. The majority of US installations are utility scale anyway. Also looking at single months for commission is misleading, new fossile planes come online rarely, but with large capacities. Natural gas plays a big role in the US market.

      At least in Norway you can follow it love. Indeed a super month already with also the Polestar in the mix.

  4. Are you sure those MG numbers are all electric.
    I thought it was only in pre-order still with current ZS versions being the petrol range.
    The MG Australia website only allows you to register your interest for an MG ZS EV
    MG ZS EV | MG Motor Australia

  5. Where do these stats come from? Is this an estimate? Source?

  6. Hi Jose, where did you get your figures for th MG ZS EV? It has not been released in Australia yet so I suspect you are using Pre-order numbers. If not, what is the source? Cheers Bridie