Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Austria August 2020

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Record month in Austria

The Austrian plug-in sales are up 45% this year, to over 11.000 new plugins, placing the PEV Share in record heights (7.4% this year, ), with last month setting a new all-time record, with August having over 2.000 registrations, allowing the market share to hit 9.9% (5.4% for BEVs alone). 

Interestingly, this market was known to be a BEV-friendly market, with all-electric cars usually representing over 70% of plugin sales, but this year plugin hybrids are growing faster (+241%!), compensating a slow BEV performance (+8% YoY), which is allowing plugin hybrids to increase their share in the total plugin sales, as they now have 37% of this year sales, with August reaching almost parity (46% PHEV vs 54% BEV). 

Looking at the models table, the Tesla Model 3 was the Best Seller in August, allowing it to increase its lead over the #2 Renault Zoe in the 2020 count, to 107 units, and with the expected high tide by the Tesla nameplate in September (300 units?), the sports sedan should increase further its lead over the French EV, an important moment in its bid to renew the Best Seller status this year.

The Kia Niro EV is the current Bronze medalist, but it will have to keep an eye on the rising Hyundai Kona EV, that jumped in August to #5, thanks to 148 registrations, its best score this year, and with orders still to be fulfilled by Hyundai's Czech plant, expect the Korean crossover to continue climbing. 

As for the Luxury title, the race looks interesting, with the #4 BMW X5 PHEV leading by just 8 units over the #6 Audi e-Tron, while the #9 Porsche Cayenne PHEV (45 units behind) and #7 BMW 530e (32 units behind) also have the big Beemer within shooting range.

A final reference to the #10 Volvo XC60 PHEV, that joined the table displacing the VW e-Golf,  now preparing itself to set off to greener pastures.

Outside the Top 10, a reference to the deliveries ramp up of PSA's BEVs, with Opel delivering 75 units of its Corsa EV and Peugeot, 49 of the 208 EV and the first 32 units of the 2008 EV.

Speaking of landing months, and confirming the current compact crossover/SUV craze, besides the Peugeot crossover, we had three other new representatives of the category landing in August: the Renault Captur PHEV (25 units), and the Jeep's Renegade PHEV (25) and Compass (20).

In the manufacturers ranking, the race is pretty close, BMW (15%) is ahead, thanks to its extended plugin lineup, followed by Tesla (14%), with Renault (11%) closing the podium.


  1. Good that Austrians are buying more plugins this year despite pandemic.
    Model 3 is widening the lead over Zoe. It will be wider with super sep.
    I believe ID.3 will get into top-10 in sep sales, if not at least top-15.
    ID.3 registrations crossed 1.000 in Norway already.

    There are 27.094 electric charging stations and 46 hydrogen fueling stations in USA.
    Anyone willing to bet on fuelcell especially after Nikola troubles.

    And there are 115.000 gas (petrol) stations, so for every 4 gas stations, there is 1 charging station. Gas station count has already decreased because of lower margins and more fuel efficient vehicles. As I wrote earlier, 2005 had the highest oil consumption in USA.

  2. hey, I heard that currently Austria faces various issues, including some forest degradation caused by air and soil pollution, soil pollution results from the use of agricultural chemicals, air pollution results from emissions by coal- and oil-fired power stations and industrial plants and from trucks transiting Austria between northern and southern Europe.
    It's true?