Monday, September 7, 2020

Netherlands August 2020


EV Sales: Netherlands April 2020 

Tesla Model 3 winner in August, but Kia Niro EV leader YTD

The Dutch automotive market is back in red (-22% YoY), but the plugin category continues on the fast lane (up 75% last month), thanks to 5,680 units in August, placing last month plugin share at 21% (16% BEV), and pulling the 2020 PEV share to 14% (10% BEV), well above last year result (6%).

Interestingly, it is the PHEV category that is pulling the share up, having jumped 382% last month, to 1,348 units, while BEVs grew just 47% last month...

Looking at last month sellers, we saw a close race between the Kia Niro EV and the Tesla Model 3, with this last one winning the August trophy and reaching the 6th position in the overall ranking, with the MG ZS EV closing the podium. 

Outside the podium, the Renault Zoe ended the month in 4th, with a year best 290 units, while in 5th place we have the VW e-Golf, with 283 units, that despite being on the final months of its career, still has enough charge to show up among the Best Sellers, thus making a 100% BEV Top 5, the first since May.

Tesla Model 3
Kia Niro EV
Renault Zoe
VW e-Golf

Looking at the 2020 ranking, the Tesla Model 3 has reduced (slightly) the distance to the leader Kia Niro EV, to 212 units, so expect the sports sedan to recover the top spot in September, thanks to the expected high tide.

As spoiler alert, until the 5th of September, the Niro EV is winning by 120 to 104 units, so the Californian needs to step up its pace in the remaining of the month. Funny enough, the current Best Seller in September is the BMW i3(!), with 133 units...

After September, it's anyone's guess, because by then there will be another big player in the market, the VW ID.3, so Q4 should see an entertaining race to follow.

Elsewhere, first position change happened in #5, with the Volvo XC40 PHEV climbing one position, thus consolidating its Best Selling PHEV status, while the MG ZS EV also profited from the career end of the Opel Ampera-e (Euro-spec Chevrolet Bolt), to climb one spot, to #6.  

A mention also to the rise of the Nissan Leaf, to #8, thanks to 220 deliveries, its best performance this year, while its French cousin, the Renault Zoe, jumped two positions, to 9th.

On the second half of the table, the Audi e-Tron was up to #14, thanks to 268 registrations, but the BMW X5 PHEV, its direct adversary in the race for the Best Selling Luxury model, also climbed, in its case to #16, so there might be changes in this particular race until the end of the year.

We have two new faces in the table, with the Peugeot 208 EV reaching #19, thanks to a record 240 units, while its German sibling, the Opel Corsa EV, joined the ranking in #20, with these two BEV additions, there are only 5 PHEVs in the table, the lowest number this year.

Outside the Top 20, there isn't much to talk about, the tiny Seat Mii EV scored 89 deliveries, that added to the 33 VW e-Up and 170 Skoda Citigo EV, adds a total of 292 registrations in August for the Bratislava-made triplets which, counted together, would place them in 3rd last month. Who said small EVs weren't a thing?

In the manufacturers ranking, Kia (14%) is in the leadership, followed by Tesla (11%), with Volkswagen (10%) and Volvo (also 10%) are running for the Bronze medal.

The #5 Hyundai (7%, down 1%), is far from the top, and has others (SAIC, Opel), looking to take its place.


  1. +id3 and mia=17 places in the top 22).2019 vs 2020 PHEV+1000,BEV+1300

  2. bmwi3 lowered the price?write Who has information

    1. BMW lowered the price of i3 only in Netherlands or whole of Europe. They have plans to increase production.
      Without price cut, they cannot sell it with competition from Model 3.

    2. While some marginal cross-selling might be possible, mid-size sedan Model 3 is hardly the main reason for sub-compact hatchback i3 losing steam...

  3. Bmw I3.September has a good start in Norway.What is the reason?

  4. 21% and strong competition!stinking cars are about to end!

  5. Great work Dutch for buying 5.680 PEVs.
    Good that Tesla has taken #1 slot again.
    Events of this month
    9th: Reveal of Lucid Air (Supposed to have 500+ mile / 800+ km range)
    22nd: Battery Day (Will Tesla reveal cost / KWh of their battery?)
    Kuga is just 2 units behind Outlander.

    1. I doubt Tesla will reveal an absolute cost figure. Besides it being a moving target, it's generally regarded a closely kept trade secret -- Elon spilling the beans at the 2018 shareholders meeting was really an unusual event, and I'm sure he got reprimanded for it...

  6. @Jose Pontes
    There is an article that nissan sold 500.000 leafs worldwide.

    Per wiki, they sold 303K at end of 2017.
    Per ev-sales.blogspot they sold another 184K between 2018 and 2020-YTD.
    Thats total of around 487K. Infact nissan claimed that they sold 300K
    only in 2018-01 timeline.

    Either wiki or ev-sales.blogspot is missing some #.
    Anyway if they did hit the 500K mark, then its a cause to cheer with only the 2nd model after Model 3 to make this mark.
    Leaf is a pure BEV while many other vehicles share a plugin/hybrid cousin.

    They can still launch a 85 KWh version for 300 mile/500 km range that will be ideal for Taxis/Business users who do long range frequently.

  7. was last year's August YTD share 6%? 2019 full year was 15% correct?

    1. yes. The big sales rush of 2019 started in September.

  8. Let me point out, AGAIN, that in this market it was in fact primarily BEVs pulling the share upwards: while PHEVs saw an enormous relative growth (from a low starting point), BEVs still saw a larger *absolute* growth in sales / market share.

    (And this is only going to get more pronounced towards the end of the year, as the next incentive step-down induced pull-forward builds up...)

  9. With two(!) Tesla boats having arrived today, and another expected a few days from now, there is no doubt that we will see the end-of-quarter wave spike for real in the second half of the month... Especially in the Netherlands, which are usually left for last for logistics reasons.