Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Milestone of the Month: The Million unit OEMs


There are only 2 OEMs that have surpassed that milestone, both happening this year:

Tesla got there around last April;

The Renault-Nissan Alliance reached the 1 million mark a month later, in May.

And who will be next?

Well, BYD and the VW Group are the main candidates, but both shouldn't be able to get there this year, but expect at least one of them to get there by Q1 2021.



  1. Maarten VinkhuyzenSeptember 02, 2020

    This is a tribute to Carlos Ghosn and Elon Musk. The two men that put BEV on the map.

    1. True. Now Renault needs to ditch Nissan and hook up with Daimler.

      Renault-Daimler would be a fierce competitor in the EV arena.

    2. Maarten VinkhuyzenSeptember 03, 2020

      Nissan is not beyond salvation yet.
      But who is willing to be its savior, after the way they treated their last savior?

    3. Daimler-Renault? That's an interesting combination I haven't thought of... It could make sense economically -- but I'm not sure it's realistic culturally: Daimler would logically have to take the lead as the larger company, but I don't think the proud French would be willing to accept being swallowed by Germans...

    4. Regarding the men who put EVs on the map, maybe we shouldn't forget Wang Chuanfu of BYD... Though that has been more PHEV than BEV for a long time -- so not sure it deserves equal mention.

  2. Jose, this figure includes plug-ins by Mitsubishi (basically, the Outlander PHEV)?

  3. @Jose Pontes: Thanks a lot for publishing this article.
    With 1 make, starting only in 2012, Tesla made this 1 million target in 2020-04.
    With 3 makes, starting in 2010, Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance made it 1 month later.
    At least they made it and thanks to Carlos Ghosn the 2nd architect of EV revolution.

    Also Tesla sold 600.000 + Model 3 and 300.000 + Model S

    Nissan is in big trouble in USA, Europe, China and even in Japan.
    Mitsubishi also suffered sales lossed in Japan.
    Pretty soon the alliance bosses and japanese government will apologize for arresting Mr Ghosn.

  4. Next milestone competition will be only between
    Tesla hitting 1,25 million
    Model 3 hitting 700K
    Model Y hitting 50K

    I wish they relaunch 80 KWh version of Model S/X at a lower price to attract more customers instead of sticking with 100 KWh at a higher price tag.

    I believe 17.720 BEVs were sold in USA in August. Outside Tesla, we have Bolt, Leaf as standalone BEVs while others like i3, Kona, Niro share the model with plugin, hybrid, gasser which are pretty much compliance cars. So most likely Tesla share should be at least 14K.

    I hoped that Leaf will also hit 500K and then to 600K and finally 700K. If Gen-1 with 24 KWh and later 30 KWh could sell 300K, then Gen-2 with both 40 KWh and 62 KWh could hit another 400K. I even wrote a letter to them requesting to launch 85 KWh version for 480 km / 300 mile range.

    Finally I realized that the new nissan mgmt hates Leaf since it was the brainchild of Carlos Ghosn. Lets see how well they are going to make/sell Ariya.

    1. Leaf will reach higher battery capacities only once a completely new version is launched on the new dedicated BEV platform. The current combustion car-derived platform is pretty much maxed out.