Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Germany June 2013 (Updated)

The Smart carries two passengers AND their shopping bags
Five out of Six Edition

Keeping on what it now looks a trend in the German EV market, June heralded a new leader, with the Renault Zoe scoring a record 228 units and allowing it to be the fifth monthly leader this year, after the Smart Fortwo ED (Jan), the Citröen C-Zero (Feb), the Renault Twizy (March/May) and the Nissan Leaf (Apr).

Besides this new tradition, there were other news in the German EV market, like June being the best sales month since last October, with 626 sales, allowing the EV share to recover another 0,04% to 0,18%, it's now nearer last year's share of 0,198%.

Back to the models ranking, Zoe's great result allowed it to climb two positions to #3 and now the first two (Fortwo ED and Twizy) have a bullish french hatchback on their rearview mirror. Expect for more podium changes in the future...

On the negative side of things, the Citröen C-Zero dropped two positions to #5 and now has the Opel Ampera (Again third in June) behind it, looking to recover some positions on the YTD ranking.

Thanks for Suprise Cat for the numbers of the Smart Fortwo ED

1Smart Fortwo ED135981357
2Renault Twizy117506181
3Renault Zoe22838714N/A
4Nissan Leaf37289105
5Citröen C-Zero5272104
6Opel Ampera8622382
7Mitsubishi I-Miev158629
8Renault Fluence ZE33316


Source: Manufacturers, kba.de, 

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