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Netherlands June 2013

A practical, friendly trunk on the practical, friendly Prius PHEV 
Pure Electrics on the Upswing Edition

With 375 units sold in June, the Dutch EV market went up 20% regarding last month but it's still far from the 546 units sold in January, reason why the EV share rose just 0,003%, it's now at 1,103%.

The stars in the models ranking this month were the Nissan Leaf and Renault Zoe pure electrics, with the first dangerously close (Just 5 units behind) of the 75 units sold by the #2 Opel Ampera in June and passing the Chevrolet Volt in the YTD ranking. As for its french cousin, it was fourth in June and jumped another position in the YTD ranking to #6.

Master of consistency, the Renault Kangoo ZE was fifth in June, consolidating its #5 in the YTD ranking, position it already held last year...

Bad times for the Opel Ampera/Chevy Volt twins, in their most important Euro market, the Opel is now threatened by the Leaf and the Chevrolet was #6 in June and dropped one position on the YTD ranking, with the risk of losing more positions in the next months. As comparison, in the end of 2012, the combined share of the two was 55%, now it's down 19% to just 36%. GM needs to do something here...

As result of all this, the share of Plug-in Hybrids vs Pure Electrics (BEV) is now at a more balanced 75/25, putting that in perspective the same share in February was at 82/18, so pure electrics are recovering share and with the imminent arrival of the Tesla Model S, and its expected success in dutch lands, BEV share should increase even more.

1Toyota Prius Plug-In 107897382
2Opel Ampera75652281
3Nissan Leaf7019584
4Chevrolet Volt1917583
5Renault Kangoo ZE4215975
6Renault Zoe511095N/A
7Renault Twizy117836
8Fisker Karma
9Peugeot iOn
10Citröen C-Zero
11Renault Fluence ZE
12Mitsubishi I-Miev
13Tesla Roadster
14Think City


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