Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Sweden June 2013

Theme of the month: Trunks, starting with the PiP shallow example. 
Slow Recovery Edition

We start a promising month for EV's by analysing plug-in sales in Sweden, in June there were 133 EV sales, the second recovery month after the sales stumble ocurred earlier this year, leading the EV share in Sweden to 0,76%, which is three times more than it had twelve months ago.

The models ranking remains stable, with the Prius Plug-In recording a third consecutive #1, but it's still distant YTD from the leader Volvo V60 Plug-In. We welcome the Renault Twizy in #6, making its first steps in Scandinavia, we also register the best sales month of the year (31 units) for the Renault Kangoo ZE and the fact that the Nissan Leaf already has beaten in six months its sales numbers of '12 (129 units).

On the other hand, the Opel Ampera is having a nightmarish year, selling just 9 units this year and registering a poor seventh place, when in June of last year it was third, selling 49 units...

PlSwedenJune '13YTD '13%YTD '12
1Volvo V60 Plug-In3141442N/A
2Toyota Prius Plug-In3623924N/A
3Nissan Leaf201451551
4Renault Kangoo ZE311251387
5Volvo C30 Electric722248
6Renault Twizy (e)6141N/A
7Opel Ampera19149
8Chevrolet Volt140N/A


(e) - Estimate


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