Friday, July 10, 2015

Australia Q1 2015

Tesla Spreads its Wings

We finally have some numbers regarding Australia this year, they don't cover the whole market but nevertheless, the major players are all there. And the available numbers are really encouraging...

If  2014 was the year of the Outlander PHEV, with some 75 units/month, the japanese SUV has seen their sales decline a bit this year, and although it continues comfortably in the lead, Tesla is making its presence noted, it is now #2, but hopefully the best benefit of its presence in Australian soil is changing people minds into EV's, something that has been difficult in Aussie-land.

As for BMW, the little i3 is Third, selling 46 units, proving to be another welcome addition to the Australian EV Scene.

As for the veterans Nissan Leaf and Holden Volt, they are relegated to the bottom places, with significant sales declines regarding last year.

Australia   Q1  '15Q1
Mitsu Outlander PHEV198225
Tesla Model S 104N/A
BMW i3
Nissan Leaf
Holden Volt
TOTAL 385 287


  1. Jose, this source: reports registrations for NSW and Victoria, and for 1Q 2015 it is consistent with the figures you reported.

    In addition, the source reports registrations @ Dec 2014, totaling 69 for these two states, which is much higher than your estimate of 22 reported for full 2014. Cheers

  2. Will you be posting updated 2015 data soon? :-) thanks

    1. Good question, it is about time, i will check it this month, thanks for reminding me!