Monday, July 6, 2015

Czech Republic June 2015

"This market is too small for both of us, Leaf!"
BMW i3 has got company

The Czech Republic EV Market is going at record pace, with 64 units (And i believe a few more Outlanders and e-Golfs, but i only have data from single models), with the EV Share at 0,06% numbers that will easily outpace the 2012 records (98 registrations for the whole year, 0,05% Share).

If in 2014 it looked that only BMW had interest in this market, holding 96% share, this year Nissan decided to return (It was the Best Seller in 2013) and with only half the year passed, it has already outsold its '13 full year sales number (23 vs 16), so despite the strong competition from BMW, the Nissan Leaf is settling quite comfortably here, contributing for the growth of EV market far more efficiently than Opel did last year (Only two units in H1), and even upsetting the i3 leadership from time to time.

As for BMW, the little i3 sold 28 units, beating its 2014 First Half performance significantly, but the real surprise was the larger BMW i8, with 13 units, it is already outselling the 10 units sold in 2014!

Czech Rep.   H1  '15H1
BMW i32818
Nissan Leaf23N/A
BMW i813N/A
TOTAL 64 20

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