Friday, July 5, 2019

USA June 2019

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Tesla Model 3 leads market with iron fist

Some 38,000 plug-in units were registered last month in the USA, up 51% YoY, with the 2019 PEV Share stable at 1.8%

This growth is highly dependent of Tesla, with the Model 3 being responsible for 45% of all delieries, and the Tesla brand owning 56% of the total market, greatly influencing the general behavior of this Tesla-addicted PEV market.

Speaking of Tesla, despite the already large market share, the maker is gobbling up market share every passing month, with the Palo Alto brand celebrating Year Best performances of all its three nameplates(!), in the last month of Q2.

On the other hand, non-Tesla plugins were down both in June (-12%) and YTD (-19%)...Blackhole effect indeed!

Looking elsewhere, there wasn't much to talk about, with the BMW i3 and 530e scoring YB results, while the Mercedes GLC350e (hey, remember me?) was up two positions last month, to #18.

Looking at the manufacturers ranking, as previously mentioned, Tesla is now responsible for a mammoth 56% of the market, while Chevrolet (8%) hangs on to Second Place, with Toyota (6%) in the last place of the podium, ahead of Honda, Nissan and BMW, all with 4% share.

Tesla Model 3 & Others

2019 Sales  
Toyota Camry
Honda Accord  
Nissan Altima
Ford Fusion
Tesla Model 3

The Tesla Model 3 sold at a faster pace in Q2, recovering some spots in the category best sellers, with the Tesla midsizer climbing to #5, while at the same time, the Californian has the Premium midsize category in the bag, as its closest competitor, the Mercedes C-Class, is well behind it, with 23,110 sales.

Tesla Model S & Others

 Mercedes E/CLS-Class 
BMW 5-Series    
Audi A6
Tesla Model S
Mercedes S-Class

Looking at the large premium car category, the Tesla Model S is still suffering from the cannibalization effect of the Model 3, but thanks to the recent specs update, it has managed to recover ground (some 300 units) regarding the #3 Audi A6, while at the same time it distanced itself from the #5 Mercedes S-Class.

I guess Model S sales should only recover completely, once the anticipated interior refresh finally lands.

Regarding the Model X (8,815 deliveries in 2019),  the specs update also helped, as the Tesla nameplate is now 9th on the Large Premium SUV category, when before it wasn't even in the Top 10…


  1. I'm excited to see the "Tesla Model 3 & Others" chart for worldwide in June. Model 3 should be around 128K for the year, vs about 240K for the C Class, 190K for the 3 Series and 126K for the A4.

    A BEV won't be at the top yet, but I think it'll be the first time a BEV is actually in the same ballpark as some of its ICE competitors on a global scale.

    1. It is. Oh, and the Audi A4 is being decimated in many markets, while the BMW 3-Series is suffering too.

      Now, Tesla could try and do the same on the upper class, as both the Model S and X are way below the class best Sellers, Mercedes E-Class and BMW 5-Series.

      How? Improve both models and make a real "entry level" version.

    2. With Model S being both larger and significantly more expensive than E-Class or 5-Series, it's really unsurprising it doesn't move the same numbers... Saying they are the same class is rather misleading.

    3. Yes, the American car Model S is bigger, same way the Camry is bigger than a Mercedes-Benz C-class, but: if you spend C-class money you value inches or features? I guess most Model S purchasers were looking for features (now they set sight on Performance Model 3s and LRs), so if you spend Model S money you accept no HUD, no ventilated/heated/massage seats, no personalization items available? Do you happen to know some European cars in the US are in fact the long wheelbase versions of what is sold elsewere? Yep, size matters in McDonalds/Pepsi country, so Model S now isn't pulling so many customers as before.

  2. AnonymousJuly 07, 2019

    As the year progresses, Honda drops to 5th, being overtaked by the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance.

    From the posted data, Q22019 standings are:
    1st Tesla with 83875 vehicles
    2nd General Motors with 11947 vehicles
    3rd Toyota with 8605 vehicles
    4th Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance with 7256 vehicles
    5th Honda with 6543 vehicles

  3. AnonymousJuly 10, 2019

    Whilst the numbers here published are somewhat off, it is interesting to note that in the past 6 months:
    The Volvo 60-series sold a stable 1450 units on average;
    The MB C-class sold on average 4510 units in a downward trend;
    The Lexus IS sold a stable 1390 units on average;
    The Jaguar XE sold on average 400 units in a downward trend;
    The BMW 3-series sold on average 3500 units in an upward trend and the 4-series an average 1900 units in a downward trend;
    The Audi A4 sold on average 2000 units and the A5 on average 1900 units, both stable;
    The Alfa Romeo Guilia sold a stable 720 units on average.
    Under these circumstances, the inpact of the Tesla Model 3 is being most perceptible on the sales performance of the MB C-class, Jaguar XE and BMW 4-series.

    written by Looney Tunes