Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Finland September 2020


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Volvo: Big in Finland

16% Share!

Plugins continue a hot item in Finland, having become become a major plugin market when it comes to market share, with 2020 having some outlandish (+139% YoY) growth rates, and with the mainstream market falling significantly (-17% YoY), the 2020 PEV Share is now at an amazing 14%,with September hitting 16%, thanks to an unprecedented 12.279 registrations.

This continues to be a PHEV-friendly market, with BEVs representing just 22% of the 2020 sales, but last month, BEVs had a 35% share, thanks to the Tesla Model 3 deliveries peak (182 units), allowing it to be #9 in the overall market, but also due to the VW ID.3 landing, that registered 201 units in its first month on the market, allowing it to jump to #6 in the September overall market and become last month Best Selling PEV, this is a promising start for the Volkswagen hatchback, that together with the end of the production constraints of the Model 3, should help to change the fortunes of all-electric vehicles in this market.

Speaking of the only BEV in the 2020 Top 10, Tesla's midsizer profited from the September high tide to climb one spot in the YTD table, now in #6.

Looking at the remaining models ranking, the Mercedes GLC300e/de profited from the addition of the diesel-hybrid version to score 104 units, allowing it to climb another position, with the midsize Merc now in the runner-up spot.

Another Mercedes shining was the C300e/de, that registered 102 units last month, so we could see it in the table soon.

Interestingly, looking at this Top 10, we see 6 SUVs in the table, confirming the populatiry of this category in this market.

Another change in the table is the BMW X5 PHEV climbing to #9, thanks to 79 deliveries, its best performance since January.

Below this Top 10, a mention to the 95 registrations of the Toyota RAV4 PHEV in only its second month on the market, this is a critical model to the Japanese maker, as the Finland automotive market is a traditional Toyota stronghold, and now that this market in on the disruption fast track to electrification, they need competitive plugin models to hold its commanding lead in the market, as plugless hybrids are also starting to be swallowed by plugins.

Looking at the manufacturers ranking, Volvo (21%) is a comfortable leader, with the rising Mercedes (14%) in Second, relegating BMW (13%) to 3rd, while the #4 Volkswagen (8% share) and #5 Skoda (7%) are too far behind to worry the podium bearers.


  1. I wonder, is this the market with the lowest BEV vs. PHEV share of all?...

    1. True, the PHEV capital was once Amsterdam, now it's Helsinki.

  2. Wonderful Finnish buying 1.994 PEVs and following their Swedish, Norweign cousins in electrification.
    Finally Tesla Model 3 is coming out of the pandemic related shutdowns.
    I guess XC40 BEV and Polestar 2 must be coming there.
    Hoping for VW ID.3 to get into top-10 next month and will give a boost to BEV side.

  3. Europe + UK excluding Russia saw its peak oil consumption in 1979, after that there is a gradual decline with some ups and downs and hitting another high in 2006. Since then there is gradual decline. Lets see whether this years high tide of plugins makes any impact. Even the 10% plugin share will make only a slight impact since the overall vehicle population is mostly petrol/diesel. But it will change in years down the line as older vehicles are phased out.

    Keep plugging in.

    (In million tons of oil)
    1979: 843.1
    2006: 805.6
    2019: 703.2

  4. Surprisingly Tesla Model 3 is the only BEV in top-10 (YTD) and also top-1 (Sep).

    Definitely ID.3 will make some waves.

    1. Let's hope so... This market urgently needs some "waves" ;-)