Thursday, October 22, 2020

Iceland September 2020

 Model 3 leads hot market (63% plugin share!)

PEV sales are up in Iceland (+44% YoY) this year, against a backdrop of falling sales (-25%) in the overall market, pulling the 2020 PEV market share to an amazing 43% (24% BEV), the second largest in the World, almost doubling the 2019 score (25%). And to think that not long ago, in 2017, we were celebrating reaching 14% share here...

And if this wasn't enough, in September this market hit a new record, with 705 units, representing 63%(!) of all passenger car sales, with BEVs alone owning 45% share! 

Looking at the models ranking, the main reason for this amazing score is visible, as the Tesla Model 3 reigns supreme after deploying another boatload of Model 3's, securing enough advantage over the #2 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV to start celebrating the midsizer first Best Seller title in Iceland.

In September, we should also mention the good landing month of the VW ID.3 (42 deliveries), last month runner-up, while the landing of the Toyota RAV4 PHEV also doesn't go unnoticed, with its first 30 registrations, for sure the first of many.

In a SUV-heavy market, there's only 3 cars in the Top 10, a mention to the 3rd place of the Audi e-Tron, while Volvo places all its SUVs on the table.

Highlighting Tesla's popularity here, the Tesla Model X scored 16 deliveries last month, a new record for the flagship SUV.

In the brands ranking, Tesla (25%) is running the show, with Mitsubishi (12%) in Second, followed by Volvo (11%), while outside the podium, we have Kia (9%) in 4th, while Audi and Volkswagen share the 5th spot, both with 8% share.

Models Breakdown by Fuel Source

Tesla Model 3 
Toyota RAV4 Hybrid
Mitsu. Outlander PHEV
Audi e-Tron
Kia Niro

In a market where plugins now have almost half of the market, plugins are becoming more and more synonym with the overall best sellers, as one can see here, on the overall Top 5. 

Looking at Iceland best sellers, we can witness the large electrification of the ranking, replicating in its own way what is happening in Norway, as all positions are in the hands of electrified models, with the fully electric Tesla Model 3 leading with a large advance over the #2 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid, followed by the plugin hybrid Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV.

Now that the PHEV version of the Toyota RAV4 has just landed, it will be interesting to see what happens to the regular Hybrid version.

Outside the podium we can see another BEV, with the Audi e-Tron in 4th, while in 5th we have the electrified Kia Niro, with its EV version having 45% of the model sales, while the PHEV has 29%, leaving the HEV version with just 26% of the total Niro sales.

Interestingly, 7 months ago, we had 2 ICE models in this Top 5 (Dacia Duster and Kia Sportage), in June we had one (Dacia Duster), and now...none. I think it's time to change the reporting of Iceland to the current Norway-kind, as this market's plugin market is now fully merged with the overall market, making it the second to acheive this. Who will be the third?  

Iceland is a sort of unsung hero of the EV Scene, while it's still not quite at Norway's point of electrification, after all, the 43% of Iceland is still 28% behind the current 71% of its Nordic neighbor, electrification is also mainstream here, as this overall Top 5 shows, with this small market being a favorite to complete its full electrification process right behind (1 year later?) the uncontested leader, Norway.


  1. "I think it's time to change the reporting of Iceland to the current Norway-kind, as this market's plugin market is now fully merged with the overall market, making it the second to acheive this."


    "Who will be the third?"

    The Swedes, or possibly Dutch?

  2. WOW !!

    I actually think Iceland will overtake Norway in BEV market share and will be first in reaching 100% BEV share.
    Charging infrastructure is already there for "long" trips.
    Just need enough chargers for those who cannot charge at home... and that's it.
    Everyone can go BEV now.

    We'll see how it goes. :-)

  3. next year will be huge with the influx of cheaper SUV's and crossovers. So many to choose from! ID4, Ariya, Enyaq, Mach-E, EQA, model Y and more

  4. With the popularity of SUVs/Crossovers in this market, can you imagine what the Model Y will do here?

    To answer your question. I think Sweden is the obvious next candidate to reach this high level of electrification. But who knows, some other country may surprise us.

  5. ICEland is getting rid of ICE vehicles, that nice. Small Iceland selling 705 vehicles is so great, thanks to Model 3 and upcoming ID.3. Toyota cannot dillydally any more and hope they ramp up RAV-4 PHEV and hybrid.

    What is more significant is that the Sep 705 sales is 22% of YTD 3170 sales . Being #2 behind Norway is really great for Iceland. I dont know whether Oct & Nov will keep up, but Dec will catch up again.

    Main reason for Toyota not going to plugin is that they want to stick with the nickel battery for hybrids and dont want anyone to move to lithium battery for plugins. But those days are numbered.

  6. Curious that while most of Europe is seeing a revival of PHEVs this year, Iceland experiences by far their best BEV share ever... Is that all thanks to Tesla (finally) arriving officially -- or is it a more general change of sentiment as the market matures?...