Thursday, January 10, 2019

Czech Republic December 2018

Resultado de imagem para 2019 VW e-Golf in Czech republic

VW e-Golf ends the BMW i3 reign and wins the 2018 Trophy

The Czech PEV Market was up 55%, to 976 units sold, allowing the PEV Share to reach 0.4%, a new record in this BEV-friendly (72% of PEVs) market, with the added bonus that all-electrics are growing faster (+80%) than PHEVs. 

If the 1% mark still seems too high for 2019, we have to remember that the Skoda PHEVs (Superb and Scala) and Tesla Model 3 are all set to land this year...

Looking at the models ranking, the VW e-Golf ended a 4 year reign from the BMW i3, with a record 260 units, dropping the BMW (hot) hatchback to the 2nd spot, only one(!) unit ahead of the Nissan Leaf, that almost stole the Silver Medal, thanks to 19 deliveries in December, its best result in 9 months, with the Japanese model collecting its 3rd consecutive Bronze Medal.

Elsewhere. we should mention the good performance in December from the VW e-Up!, with 16 registrations, a new personal best, allowing it to end the year in #5. What do you know, it seems that price cuts do increase sales!

In the brands ranking, another landmark change happened, with Volkswagen (35%) displacing BMW from the sales Throne, winning its first Brands trophy, effectively ending a 4 year domination from BMW (17%), that had to settle with the runner-up status, ahead of Nissan (14%).  

Looking into 2019, the VW e-Golf will have a hard time to revalidate the title, and the greatest threats won't come from the BMW i3 and Nissan Leaf, but by the Tesla Model 3, that is set to deliver some 300-400 units this year, while the local hero Skoda will start to deliver the PHEV Superb during the Summer, so expect also some 300 units coming from the Skoda midsizer, while the maker new baby, the Scala compact car, should also offer a PHEV version by late 2019, helping Skoda to race VW and Tesla for the 2019 title. 


  1. Maarten VinkhuyzenJanuary 10, 2019

    I do also expect the Skoda e-Citigo.

    I hope the growth next year justifies a top 20. There are so many interesting new cars coming to market.

  2. 2019 is going to be a Skoda market, some 400-500 units minimum. BMW has great chances to drop to third position with the BMW i3. Tesla on this market so far averages 70-80 units per year, so by no chances will they be able to find customers for the quadruple of that. My expectation is that Model S sales will tank and thay might be able to deliver 75 to 90 units for the Model 3. That could be even less of what Skoda will manage to deliver about e-Citigos.

  3. What happened to Tesla in December? They had 82 units sold between January and November, meaning an average of ~7.5 units per month, but then in December they only had a total of 3?

    1. Yes, it surprised me too, maybe it was the NL market sucking all available units from other markets.

    2. Tesla is simply too expensive. They had an early entry advantage, yet it is possible to get much better value for money now.

    3. That is true, once the Big Boys come with their dedicated BEVs, it will be time for Tesla to know its real fate, success or failure.

      So far, racing BEVs with fossil-fueled cars is a bit like racing a car with a horse.