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Finland December 2018

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Volvo: Big in Finland

Volvo Fest in 2018

Despite a harsh climate and small incentives, Finland has become a major plug-in market, thanks to some impressive growth rates, with 2018 being no exception, with 5.691 PEV's sold, up 86% regarding 2017, with the 2018 PEV Share reaching a record 4.7%.

Sure, PHEVs still represent 86% of the PEV market, and although that is understandable in snow-heavy Finland, the truth is that since the start of the new WLTP-emissions standard, things have changed significantly, with PHEVs scoring single-digit growth rates in 3 of the last 4 months, while in the last 5 months, BEVs have always seen 50%-plus growth rates, so expect all-electrics to recover share in 2019.

Looking at the models ranking, it's a Volvo-festival, not only the Volvo XC60 PHEV won its first models title, but we have three Swede models in the Top 4, with only the Mercedes GLC350e spoiling the Volvo party. With the German SUV now discontinued, and the new Volvo V60 PHEV soon to land, it looks like 2019 will be the same story, unless…

...The Tesla Model 3 lands and spoils the party. With some 900 expected deliveries, it might not be enough to remove the Volvo XC60 PHEV (or V60 PHEV) from #1, but will probably grant it a podium position.   

But back at the 2018 ranking, one of the main beneficiaries of the recent BEV uptake was the VW e-Golf, that in December alone delivered a record 24 units, jumping 3 positions, to #14. 

Despite the e-Golf good performance, the Best Selling BEV was the Nissan Leaf, with 241 units, a new Best for a 100% electric vehicle, winning its 3rd category trophy, after the 2012 and '13 titles.

Besides the PHEV prevalence, another interesting quirk in this market is the irrelevance of small EVs, with the Best Selling one being the BMW i3, which ended in #23, with just 69 registrations.

Looking at the manufacturers ranking, Volvo (34%) won comfortably the 2018 title, only its second, after the 2013 win, with last year winner BMW (13%) ending in the runner-up position, while Mercedes (11%) ended the year in the last place of the podium.

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