Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Portugal March 2014

BMW i sub-brand is doing great in Portugal

Leaf is Back Edition

After more than two years(!) away from the leadership, the Nissan Leaf is back at #1 in the portuguese YTD EV ranking, after selling 13 units in March, its best monthly performance since...2011.

But the leadership came with company, as BMW also has 19 sales of its hot hatch i3, the bavarians are really pushing sales of the little car and it wouldn't be a surprise if the Bimmer came First by the end of the year.

In third came the Renault Zoe, selling 8 units, its personal best score in Portugal. By the way, in a general market up 47% year-on-year, the 29 plug-ins sold in March aren't that much of a big deal, as seen in the YTD EV Share at 0,18%, still three tenths behind last year (0,21%).

An entertaining fact is that the three top manufacturers are separated by just 2% share, with Nissan and BMW tied in #1 with 33% share and just behind we have Renault in Third with 31%, it will be an entertaining race to see between these three...

PlPortugalMarch2014%Pl '13
1Nissan Leaf1319333
2BMW i3319337
3Renault Zoe813225
4Renault Twizy4591
5Opel Ampera1238


Source: Best Selling Cars Blog

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